Zeteo 2020

Zeteo 2020

FEBRUARY 12, 2020

zeteo 2020 group photo

I hear a lot of people, both in conversations and on social media, complain about January- that it feels like it’s SUCH a long month, it’s just too cold outside, it’s still getting dark so early, and there’s just NOTHING going on. I beg to differ!! Not only is it my birthday month (YAY), but the month of January also brings Zeteo!

Zeteo is a weekend youth gathering run by Salt ‘n Light Youth Ministry. The event held in Indiana, PA features a live stage drama written and performed entirely by SnL members, incredible worship music, a speaker who connects so well with students, and a ton of laughter, heart-connecting moments, tears, and little to no sleep. 

This year, we took 40 people; 33 of those were students, and 8 leaders. 15 of those students and leaders came for the first time! This year’s theme, “Wild Places,” connected deeply with many of our students and leaders. We were challenged to look into the deepest places in our hearts and lives that are in desperate need of acknowledgement and revitalization. We met several characters in the story and how they found themselves in the Wild Places, a very different kind of place that exists just outside of their everyday life. In the Wild Places, time is very different, the days can be short and the nights long, at times the seasons change rapidly. Through their journeys, each character encountered some of their deepest struggles and fears, and at the same time, the Trinity. Christie Miller (the Creative Arts Director of SnL and writer of the drama) depicted the Trinity so beautifully through three different characters, God the father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit: each one their character, but yet, the same. 

These kinds of weekends always bring a depth in relationships that’s difficult to acquire in a “normal” youth group setting. The late nights and early mornings make for a long day, but it’s the late nights that bring the most amazing conversations and connections among the students and our leadership team. 

Thank you, Church, for all YOU do to make this trip a reality every year. Your prayers and financial gifts are such an important piece of our weekend!! The financial gifts help us get the “stuff;” the food, the rental vehicles, the gas, the turnpike tolls, but it’s the prayers that are truly impactful. I know many of you are praying for the relationships, for our safety, the connections, and for those, I am deeply grateful.


Kayt Hughes

Director of Student Ministries