June 2020 ONE-FUND Highlight

June 2020 ONE-FUND Highlight

JUNE 1, 2020

one fund

Each month we offer words of encouragement and celebration around your generosity. Some months we lay heavier on the encouragement side, and some months we lay more on the celebration side of stewardship, this month we do both.


Your true generosity toward Camp Hill UMC’s general spending plan has been a gift to watch as we have lived into a season of awkwardness, unlike the church has ever seen. You have exhibited and modeled what it means to be a spiritual and financial steward. A steward is a person given the responsibility to care for something of value, something that we treasure. Stewardship is about taking care of something considered worth caring for and preserving, like the church. The word goes back to Old English, and it has retained through all those years the sense of taking care of something that we feel is valuable, something we treasure.


Cynthia McChesney says that “to be good stewards, we need to take care of ourselves. That means that when we are going through a stressful health events — like the current coronavirus — we need to listen to our doctors and health experts, and follow their advice to help keep ourselves safe. Washing our hands, for a start. Remember when you were on an airplane (when we used to fly!) and you heard, “put the mask on yourself first before trying to assist others”? You are no good to anyone else if you get sick, so wash your hands, get enough sleep, keep yourself safe. First things first.”


Stewardship is about caring for our families, and that includes our church families, our neighbors, and even the stranger. How can we be good stewards in a time of great anxiety? The specific things you decide to do as a steward of your church family will vary. Some of you chose to give the entirety of your 2020 pledge to aid the church; some of you gave extra money to our Emergency Needs Fund and the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund – for all that generosity, you are appreciated. Your giving has helped individuals, families, and the community in ways that are life-giving and joy-filled, thank you.


Please know that in a time of uncertainty for so many, your giving has allowed the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to demonstrate the movement of the Holy Spirit for all of God’s people.


Please continue to faithfully give financial offerings so that the mission and ministry of Camp Hill UMC thrives all the more amid these difficult days. We have three simple ways to give. Send a check to the church office, text CHUMC and any dollar amount to 77977, or visit camphillumc.org/give to sign up for online giving.