Pastor’s Paragraph for June 7, 2020

Pastor's Paragraph for June 7, 2020

JUNE 7, 2020


Some of us probably had planned one or several trips this spring for the graduation of a grandchild or other family member, whether from high school or college or some other learning program. Of course, those plans have changed. The many young people who were looking forward to celebrating a milestone in life and education, and now must mark the event in a more sedate fashion, have been in my thoughts and prayers.

I remember well my graduations from college and seminary. Each was bittersweet. There is a sense of accomplishment and joy in completing something well, but there is also a sense of loss and sadness as a significant time with others comes to an end. But times change, significant passages in our lives come to completion, and new ventures call us forward.

It is good for us to mark significant life passages with ceremonies and celebrations. Sadly, there will be no graduation walk—or a delayed walk—for most graduates this year. But whether marked by a large gathering or only a simple greeting card, the rites of passage in our lives—anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, ordinations, births, baptisms—all call for us to pause and reflect on where we have come from, where we are now, and where we might next be called to go. 

Like passing seasons of the year, passing seasons in our lives need to be acknowledged. Some are like the ending of the winter and the blooming of new life within us. Others may be somewhat more ambiguous in their promise. But I believe a door never closes without another somewhere opening. A season does not end, without another beckoning us on to new experiences.


Rev. Dr. Brand Eaton
Pastor of Visitation