ULC Update for June 2020

ULC Update for June 2020

JUNE 30, 2020


I didn’t sign up for this.

It was mid-April when those words entered my mind, and I regretted them almost instantly. The Nominations and Leadership Development Committee members who interviewed me last fall did not tell me that 2020 would see our church grapple with a pastoral transition during a pandemic that closes our building for months and forces us to make difficult staffing decisions, all while our other lead pastor is on leave. If they had told me this, I might have let out a nervous laugh, declined the opportunity, and walked out of the room.

The truth is, though, that I did sign up for this. I may not have known what the future held when I joined the Unified Leadership Council, but I signed up for whatever was beyond the horizon, just as we all do when we commit to following Jesus. I called myself out at that moment and reminded myself that the Bible contains the stories of men and women who were asked to do far more than I.

At that moment in April, my fear and insecurity told me that I don’t have what it takes to see this all through on my own. But I already knew that. I wasn’t tasked with taking 2020 on by myself. No one person could. Jesus had 12 disciples, and our ULC has 12 members- nine laypersons, two pastors, and our church administrator. As a group, our faith, strengths, and discernment are combined and magnified. For this, I am grateful.

One thing I know for certain is that 2020 is a storm, unlike anything our church and our country has seen in a long time. Fear and insecurity want to trap us, like a boat at sea, directionless and listing in the storm. I used to think that the ULC was like the navigator of that boat, steering against the chaos. But now I realize that we are the rudder, waiting for God’s hand to maneuver us, so we catch the current and sail out of the storm.

As a church, we are all in this boat together. We have already seen signs of assurance through these tumultuous weeks and months- strong and continuing financial support, hundreds adapting to and engaging with new formats for worship and small group activity, and an unceasing desire to serve others through pop-up food drives and more. But the storm isn’t over yet, and there are many more decisions to be made. We cannot make it out of this storm on our own, so please pray for the ULC to be a rudder that is receptive to the gentle but steady hand of our Lord.


Galen Kapp
ULC Class of 2022