Pastor’s Paragraph for July 12, 2020

Pastor's Paragraph for July 12, 2020

JULY 12, 2020


With a family name like KIND, it isn’t hard to imagine the ways in which people play with our name. For example, my little brother, John’s middle name is Bradley, and he consistently goes by John B. Kind (which sounds like John be Kind). I have a colleague from Seminary who, when he sees me, greets me with “Kathy be Kind.” 

It also isn’t too hard to imagine the variety of things that my family has accumulated over the years that say things about being kind. We have travel cups, wall hangings, shelf decorations, and last year I found t-shirts for each of us to wear on vacation together that said things like “Be Kind,” “Choose Kind,” and “In a World in Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind.” 

I have a little plaque on my shelf in my office, given to me by a friend that says, “Kind People Are My Kinda People.” Of course, that was gifted to me because of KIND; however, I think it rings true with me. Kind people are my kind of people. I appreciate kindness and find that acts of kindness can be surprising in our somewhat chaotic lives. 

Over these past months, since the announcement of my appointment to Camp Hill and over these past weeks, since my moving into the faith community of Camp Hill, I have been overwhelmed with your kindness. I have felt the power of your prayers for me. I have experienced your generous hospitality. I have experienced your kindness in many ways and want to express my continued gratitude for you.

This really has been a weird season for a pastoral transition. We are not doing the things that we would normally do to get to know one another, and I do look forward to the opportunity to do that when it can be safe for everyone. I realize that it will feel like it takes me forever to get to know your names and hear your stories. So even without knowing that about you, I know that you are my kind of people, and I thank God for our new relationship.


Rev. Dr. Kathleen Kind