Pastor’s Paragraph for September 27, 2020

Pastor's Paragraph for September 27, 2020

SEPTEMBER 27, 2020


kkind-scarfIt’s scarf season again. Once the temperatures begin to drop, I tend to wear a scarf around my neck most of the time. It seems that if I can keep my neck warm, I have a better chance of feeling warm. One of my favorite scarves is a plaid with red, white, black, and green. I found this scarf while traveling through Scotland with my mom, who is Scottish-born. The details of that adventure are probably for another post, but this scarf made me think about identity. 

My mom and her family came to this country when she was ten years old. Through time and assimilation, she lost her accent, but she still carried the identity of being from Scotland. A part of her identity was also the family tartan (or plaid to my eyes). At one time in history, families or clans would identify themselves by the clan tartan. It was a symbol of pride and belonging. 

As we were growing up, we had learned that my mom’s family tartan is Royal Stewart, which has a red background with interconnecting lines of blue, green, yellow, black, and white. Every so often I come across this pattern (as a book cover, in tablecloths, and one year at Christmas I found napkins), and when I do, it stirs in me this sense of belongingness. It also stirs a sense of connectedness to my family, my ancestry, and my identity as my mother’s daughter. 

So this scarf that I love that I found in Scotland is the pattern of the Dress Royal Stewart Tartan. It’s the dress version of my mother’s plaid. When I wrap that scarf around my neck, it feels like my mom and her family are surrounding me in their embrace. 

In Ephesians 1:5, Paul reminds us that God destined us to be his adopted children through Jesus Christ because of his love. We all have a new identity when Christ is in us. If you would like to commit or recommit your life to Christ, I would love to pray with you and welcome you into the family of God. Please feel free to call or email me or any pastor on our team. Our contact information can be found on


Rev. Dr. Kathleen Kind