October 2020 ONE-FUND Highlight

October 2020 ONE-FUND Highlight

OCTOBER 1, 2020

one fund

You may not always be able to see the impact of your giving—especially when we’re in quarantine—but we’d like to share a few ways that it has made a huge difference! 

Three ways your giving has impacted daily ministry recently:

1. So far this year, in a pandemic season where homelessness is on the rise, we have been able to support Family Promise with donations totaling $2000, which go directly to supporting unhoused local families who are working toward getting back on their feet.

2. We have also been able to gift church and community members and families with $5825.40 worth of direct support that addresses personally-identified emergency needs—like medical bill assistance, grocery support, and electrical bill payments.

3. The Potter’s House, Camp Hill UMC’s office, is replacing an ancient oil furnace with a new, efficient gas furnace for $9,452. This necessary investment will save on energy expenses in the years to come.

Thank you for the way you continue to faithfully give so that we can continue to share these blessings during such a difficult season!