Pastor’s Paragraph for November 22, 2020

Pastor's Paragraph for November 22, 2020

NOVEMBER 22, 2020


signLast Saturday, our neighbor had a yard sale. I found a road sign in the midst of old Christmas decorations, vases, and old books. As I looked at this sign, it seemed like a literal sign from God. Technically the sign is called “Keep Right”; I named it “Pivot”. Pivot is a word that has been thrown around a lot in 2020 by Christian speakers, Jon Acuff and Carey Nieuwhof.

As I recall from my athletic years, to pivot meant to hold one leg firm but rotate the other foot and go the opposite direction around or away from your opponent. But as I looked at this sign, I realized it is not instructing us to go in the opposite direction. It is telling us to keep going in the same direction, avoid an obstacle, and make a slight shift, but we are to keep moving. This is not a stop sign; it’s not a do-not-enter sign; it’s not a u-turn. It is a pivot sign. While looking at this sign, I heard God saying, “Keep going in the same direction; this is my affirmation that you’re going the right way.”

As the second wave of the pandemic begins to descend on us, I believe God is telling us to keep moving. We know how to do this. This time as numbers rise, things will not come to a halting stop. We will adjust and keep going. School buildings may close, but education will not stop. Churches may need to close their buildings to in-person gatherings, but worship, small groups, outreach, prayers, and support will continue. We may be asked to stop going to the office, but work will continue. God gives us the strength to keep moving.

Last March, many of our lives came to an abrupt stop. Many of us did not know how to keep moving forward, so we hid under the covers, spent our days baking mediocre bread, and binge-watched Netflix. Maybe that worked for some people, but it just made many of us feel depressed and isolated. 

I think this time we can go into this wave of the pandemic prepared and be more proactive on what works to keep us moving forward emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I invite us to make intentional efforts to continue connecting with people, even if we’d prefer to meet in person.  Most people would prefer that. Join the Coffee Connection, log into worship early and chat with friends, join a virtual small group, or watch the new Sunday School programs as a family. Find ways to stay physically active and stretch our minds through reading and podcasts. Find ways to connect with those you love in ways that work for you; it’s ok if Zoom happy hour isn’t your thing. Trust yourself. We are moving in the right direction. God is our strength that will help us keep going even on the most challenging days. Continue to have faith. 



Jenny Streeter

Rev. Jennifer Streeter
Pastor of Discipleship