December 2020 ONE-FUND Highlight


DECEMBER 1, 2020

one fund

You may not always be able to see the impact of your giving—especially when we’re in quarantine, but we’d like to share a few ways that it has made a massive difference! 


Three ways your giving has impacted daily ministry recently:


1. In November, we were able to send $2,000 to support a partnership with Mission Central that is sending container shipments of relief supplies to Honduras in light of the extreme suffering people have experienced there, particularly from COVID-19 and a devastating hurricane season.

[Image shared by Dave Kerr, Methodist contact on the ground in Honduras]

2. We are getting ready to repair and replace the HVAC rooftop units for the church Kitchen, Fireside Room, and Gathering Space. $20,000 of this cost will be funded out of the One-Fund this December! It is fabulous that we can replace all of these at once, as this saves on the cost of labor and the crane necessary to do the work.


3. Likewise, we are working hard to get the building into better shape so that it is wonderfully hospitable for all who return to it. We are currently working on improving the ventilation in the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms in the main building, which costs $8,000. Still, it will have significant rewards for our senses and the experience of guests in our space!


Thank you for the way you continue to give faithfully so that we can continue to share these blessings during such a difficult season! We have four ways you can give to the mission and ministry of Camp Hill UMC. To learn more, visit