Pastor’s Paragraph for December 6, 2020

Pastor's Paragraph for December 6, 2020

DECEMBER 6, 2020


As I reflect upon our recent pandemic and its effect upon our lives, disruption is one word that comes to mind quickly. For many, our jobs, our family dynamics, our vacations, our weddings and funerals, our ministry retreats, our dinners out with friends, our seasonal celebrations, our small group gatherings, and our church worship services have all experienced some level of disruption. For many, the disruptions have been painfully significant and nothing like we have ever experienced. 

As I ponder the early season of Advent, Luke 2:1 comes to mind. “Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.” This caused a great disruption for many families, like Joseph and Mary of Nazareth. Joseph was born in Bethlehem. Mary was expecting, and the trip was not an easy one. Walking or riding a donkey, the 90-mile trek would have been an arduous journey. To complicate matters, upon reaching Bethlehem, there was no lodging available; the inn was full. The question of where to stay, especially given Mary’s nearness of delivery, was resolved, but not in a way that would please any of us. A stable in an odorous cave would not have been pleasant, but they had to make it work.

It is ironic that the Lord of the entire Universe was born amidst sounds of bleating sheep, mooing cattle, and probably some cackling chickens. Yet, in the midst of all the disruption, the God-bearer gave birth to Jesus. Even though things seem to turn upside down, even when things seem just a bit or way off, even when we face assorted disruptions, God enters our sphere reminding us that He is with us! 

Truly, may our eyes be set upon Christ. May we anticipate that God will move mightily during this season of Advent. May we persevere through any and all disruptions knowing that God is for us, with us, and loves us. Keep Shining!


Rev. Dr. Stephen Gallaher

Associate Teaching Minister