ULC Update For April 2021

ULC Update

APRIL 30, 2021


It is so great to look outside this month and see everything coming alive again. The grass is green, the trees are green, and the birds are back. Especially after this long year of COVID with light at the end of the tunnel, I am ready for new life. But as much as we all want things to return to the way they were, there will be some things that are different. I’m not sure any of us know what they all are, but this pause in our daily routines has certainly provided ample opportunity to re-evaluate the things that we take for granted and the things that are most important in life. I have always felt that getting the things in life that you need is the easier part; knowing what those things really are is the harder part. Hopefully, as things start to return to normal and we reboot our lives, our efforts will be informed by the discernment and perspective that these long months of quarantine have afforded us.

As much as many things in everyday life have been interrupted, one thing that has not been is our monthly ULC meeting – thanks to the magic of Zoom. Please remember that these meetings are open to all, and even though we need a little notice so that we can share the Zoom link with you, we welcome and encourage your participation. April’s meeting was not one of our shorter meetings (we usually work at keeping them to two hours) as we spent considerable time discussing the potential partnership acquisition of the Calvary church property in Lemoyne. 

During the meeting, there was much discussion about the property’s condition and whether the short and long-term costs would be viable. Importantly, the facility report that the ULC commissioned shows quite a number of items/systems on the property in poor condition. In an effort to get a better handle on the cost to repair two of the major items—the roof and electrical system—we have contacted contractors for a bid. We also are contacting a contractor to get a bid for conducting a hazardous material inspection. This last item regards the potential for asbestos in the building. With this information, we hope to be in a position to determine whether acquisition can be recommended to the congregation for their approval.

While the ULC is waiting for this information, which is expected the first week of May, a straw poll was taken of the ULC membership to see if there was any consensus around what levels of funding would be considered affordable. The multiple-choice poll was as follows:

What is the threshold you are comfortable recommending?

$100,000 over 2 years –  1 vote

$200,000 over 2 years – 4 votes

Other amount* –  3 votes 

I am not ready to name an amount – 1 vote

*These amounts were two votes for $0 and one vote for $58,000

As you can see, there was not a lot of consensus over a threshold at this point. It does, however, yield a sense of what the limits could be and the degree to which we are wrestling with this issue. 

But the diversity of thought is a good thing! I hope that after the bids come in, they will bring more clarity to the situation. These are difficult decisions, and we need and welcome your input. Please take the opportunity to get involved, attend meetings or grab the ear of one of your ULC members. We work to serve you in Christ for the benefit of His kingdom.


Dave Lawton
Unified Leadership Council
Class of 2022