At the center of a biblical perspective on money and possessions is a deep awareness that none of it really belongs to us.

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Proverbs 11:25 (NIV)

Your Giving Potential

Thank you for your generous consideration of Christian stewardship. We pray that you may find the level of giving that is right for you as you progress in your journey of faith and commitment. Your pledges and gifts are a critical part of how we can make a difference in our church, our community, and our world. Your generosity is making a difference.


We’re asking everyone to prayerfully consider how God may want you or your family to participate. 


Weekly Devotional For November

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Devotionals written by Kelly Sollenberger.

Stewardship Prayer

Great God of all provision, we bring to you our gifts of traditional tithe.


May our material giving reflect not our bounty, but yours, O God.


Creator God, who has uniquely crafted each of us, we bring to you our gifts of talent.


May our creativity glorify your Creating Spirit, O God.


Merciful God, Alpha and Omega, we bring to you our gifts of time.


May we live as your people in every place, in every moment, from this day until our last.




Adapted from a prayer written by The Rev. Hannah Rogers is the pastor of Rutland UMC in Vermont.

Week One Devotional: Gain Wisdom

Stewardship is defined as “utilizing and managing all resources God provides for the glory of God and the betterment of his creation.”* That is a powerful statement. We acknowledge that all we have comes from God, our talents, our time, and our earnings. We enjoy all those gifts in a world God himself created for us. So how do we gain the wisdom to discern what God desires from our lives? In James 1:5, God assures us—if we ask, God will provide. 


The first step to growing wisdom is respect and love for God. When we grow in that area, we find it easier to discern right from wrong. When we begin to throw away our self-centered desires for God-centered ones, change can happen, and wisdom can be gained. Spending time with God in prayer, in the Bible, and fellowship with other Christians allows for growth. I challenge us in this season of stewardship to discern how God is calling each of us to grow so that he can use us to be the hands and feet of Jesus.



James 1:5 (NIV)

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

Other Scriptural References:

Kings 3:1-13; Proverbs 3:13-16

Week Two Devotional: Earn & Save All You Can

Hard work and success are to be celebrated. Proverbs 21:5 tells us, “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.” Saving honors God because it turns ordinary money into a valuable gift from God that brings peace and sustenance to all those it touches—both now and far into the future. We are in a better position to help others with essential needs as they arise through our savings. 


The temptation to earn and save out of fear or greed is where the trouble lies. Finding a balance is key. Setting aside something for the future is wise while remaining generous and reliant on God, who is the source of all our provisions. How we earn, save, and spend our money must come from a heart of gratitude to God for his generosity towards us.

Proverbs 31:13-24  (NIV)

She selects wool and flax

    and works with eager hands.

She is like the merchant ships,

    bringing her food from afar.

She gets up while it is still night;

    she provides food for her family

    and portions for her female servants.

She considers a field and buys it;

    out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.

She sets about her work vigorously;

    her arms are strong for her tasks.

She sees that her trading is profitable,

    and her lamp does not go out at night.

In her hand she holds the distaff

    and grasps the spindle with her fingers.

She opens her arms to the poor

    and extends her hands to the needy.

When it snows, she has no fear for her household;

 for all of them are clothed in scarlet.

She makes coverings for her bed;

    she is clothed in fine linen and purple.

Her husband is respected at the city gate,

    where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.

She makes linen garments and sells them,

    and supplies the merchants with sashes.

Week Three Devotional: Give All You Can

2020 has proven to be a year of upheaval, to say the least. No matter who you are, life looks different this year due to COVID-19. For some, it has brought hardships and suffering, but for others, it has brought increased blessings. If you have felt blessed by God this year, discern how he is calling you to be a blessing to others. 


Luke 12:48 says, “from everyone who has been given much, much will be required, and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” Instead of thinking of this as a burden or another responsibility, think of it as a gift and consider how your gifts can be bestowed upon others. I remember seeing children and their families’ chalk art with uplifting words of encouragement during many days of isolation, such a heart-warming but straightforward act. For you, maybe it’s making a phone call or sending a card to someone who is shut-in, serving in a new capacity at church, or perhaps offering that additional financial gift to help outreach and discipleship ministries. I pray that our eyes and hearts will be open to using our gifts and giving all we can to bless those around us. 

Proverbs 11:25 (NIV)

A generous person will prosper;

    whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Other Scriptural References:

1 Timothy 6:17-19; Mark 12:41-44

Your Generosity Makes A Difference

All giving (general ministry, missions, and infrastructure) plus additional generous gifts will be combined into a single fund from which all accounts will be paid. The ONE-FUND approach allows us to celebrate the total giving of our congregation with a clear, focused vision. Visit our blog to read our monthly one-fund highlights.

One-Fund Highlights