Meal Ministry

Did you know that you could serve the Lord at Camp Hill UMC by cooking? One of Camp Hill UMC’s best-kept secrets is our Meal Ministry. When someone has surgery or gives birth or moves into a new house the meal ministry is there to help during those times that a little assistance is needed.


What a perfect opportunity for disciples of Jesus to serve the Lord to follow in his footsteps by providing a meal for those going through stressful times!

How it Works

When the meal ministry is made aware of a need at Camp Hill UMC, Kelly Marrara will contact the family to see if meals would be helpful, and if so, how often.  They also talk with the family about food allergies, food likes and dislikes, and then set up a schedule of meals online. Currently they are using the “Take Them A Meal” website to coordinate the schedule of meals.


Next, an email is sent out to all Camp Hill UMC Meal Ministry volunteers alerting them to a new opportunity to minister to another family at church by providing a meal. Camp Hill UMC’s Meal Ministry volunteers claim a particular day online, and then they call and make arrangements with the family they’re serving to deliver their meal.


What a blessing Camp Hill UMC’s Meal Ministry is to those who receive, BUT it’s also a great blessing to those who provide the meal! Contact Kelly Marrara today if you’d like to join Camp Hill UMC’s Meal Ministry team!

Need Meals?

If you are in need of meals or know someone who is, contact Kelly Marrara today! She will contact the family to see if meals would be helpful, and if so, how often.

Contact Information

Kelly Marrara