Visitation Ministry

While speaking with a Roman military man who wanted to know more about God, the apostle Peter says that Jesus traveled around doing good and healing because God was with him. At Camp Hill UMC we want to be like Jesus—doing good to one another and others we meet because God loves us!


As part of sharing God’s love we try especially to keep in touch with people who are experiencing sickness, suffering, bereavement or other hardship in their lives. This frequently involves our Pastor of Visitation or others going to see people in hospitals, other acute care facilities or their homes.


How can you help with this ministry?


Please contact Pastor Brand Eaton, Camp Hill UMC’s Pastor of Visitation, by text, email or phone call/message (information below) when you’re aware of someone who might benefit from visitation. Don’t assume that we already know! Hospitals and other health facilities do not notify churches about people under their care. 


When a death is imminent, we would be honored to come and pray with you. Pleas contact Pastor Brand Eaton, Camp Hill UMC’s Pastor of Visitation, and he will make every effort to have a pastor or staff member connect with you.

Contact Information

Rev. Dr. Brand Eaton

Pastor of Visitation