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We care about your spiritual journey. Whether you struggle with the concept of faith, you’re new to believing in God’s transformational power in your life or you have been following Jesus for years, we want to equip you to take the next step with Jesus on your spiritual journey. Attend a First Step class to learn more about the Discipleship Cycle.


First Step is a two-week introduction class designed to equip and challenge you to take the next step with Jesus on your spiritual journey. Next class is April 19 & 26, 2020 at 11:00 am via zoom. Call or email Sandy Zirbel, Director of Adult Spiritual Growth, at 717-737-5631 or szirbel@camphillumc.org to register or click the link below.

discipleship cycle


Discovering how God’s story transforms our story through ongoing exploration of scripture, accountable relationships and life-giving traditions. 

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Being in God’s presence to develop and deepen our relationship with God through worship and intentional spiritual practices.

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Connecting people with Jesus and each other through extending hospitality and growing together as a community of faith.

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Doing God’s work in the world by the power of the Holy Spirit through service, generosity and outreach.



Sandy Zirbel

Director of Adult Spiritual Growth