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A ONE-FUND model.

All giving (general ministry, missions, and infrastructure) plus additional generous gifts will be combined into a single fund from which all accounts will be paid. The ONE-FUND approach allows us to celebrate the total giving of our congregation with a clear, focused vision: EMBRACE.

EMBRACE is a comprehensive resource plan for one church, with one vision. That’s why we call it ONE-FUND. Our generous response to this vision will enable us to embrace Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Panguma, and beyond!


embrace breakdown

*Daily operating funds have been calculated according to current giving trends as of December 2016. The bulk of the $5 million Embrace goal will be used to maintain the existing ministries of Camp Hill UMC.

**All figures for the two-year initiative are approximate and subject to change. All funding estimates are shown as the total amount for 2 years.


Upwards football

The garden of Children’s Ministry at Camp Hill UMC has been growing exponentially! In the past eight years 82 babies have been born to Camp Hill UMC families! Camp Hill UMC is committed to growing children’s hearts for God, that they might come to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ. It is our hope to make our children’s ministry space as hospitable as possible so that new families feel confident leaving their children in our care. We also hope that all parents feel joyful about participating and growing together as whole families in the body of Christ!


for expanding the available welcoming space for growing our Children’s Ministry garden to reach even more children who are not here yet…


…create a permanent Children’s Ministry Welcome Desk in the downstairs hallway and wire it for computerized check-in technology. Paint and decorate the hallway in our garden theme! Install technology for a hallway PA system. Update the bathrooms with ventilation, new paint and decor (PHASE 1).

…improve our classrooms: cabinetry, paint, and carpet and replace remaining chalkboards with white boards. (PHASE 2).

…mount flat screen TV’s in two classrooms (PHASE 3).

camp hill umc building

In the year 2000, as much of the world was preparing for meltdown, Camp Hill UMC was living into an exciting new vision for expanding ministry through a huge renovation and addition project. That project has yielded the Wesley Center and a new era of growth in the church’s capacity to extend the love of Christ with the community. At that time the church stepped out in faith, and God has shown time and again that their faith was not misplaced. The loan funding for that crucial expansion was largely paid back until the need arose for the replacement of a leaking roof and the purchase of a new parsonage to support the maintenance and growth of Camp Hill’s ministry even further. As a result, we currently still hold approximately one million dollars in loans. Repaying these loans, we believe, will release us for a whole new era of freedom and expansion in ministry!


for becoming free from debt…


…pay down $275,000 the first year.

…pay down $275,000 the second year.

…celebrate that we have now paid down over half of the debt!

…create a comprehensive plan to pay off the remainder of the debt in the following two years.

margaret brightbill

As we expand our mission to be more outwardly focused we also want to create a more hospitable environment on our current campus. Our welcoming ministries at Camp Hill UMC continue to embrace more and more people. We love hosting large-scale community events like the annual Messiah College Acclamation Dance Ministry concert. We are welcoming more outside mission teams from other churches. We have a thousand people coming through our doors during each Upward Basketball weekend, 60% of them without a church to call home. Our all-church community gatherings, like Wednesday Connection and the 55+ luncheon, continue to increase steadily in numbers.


for welcoming more and more people into Camp Hill UMC’s sacred ministry space to share the love of Christ with them, grow with them, and send them out to serve…


…maintain our infrastructure & equipment (i.e. valves, the kitchen steamer, the phone system, a broken projection screen, and more).

…replace the Wesley Center chairs and redesign the Gathering Space and Fireside Room to be more hospitable to guests and with information that is more accessible to empower all people for ministry.

…realign our staff to meet our missional goals and bring Sandy Zirbel into the new position of Coordinator of Welcoming Ministries!

…maintain the Fineview parsonage HVAC system and perform ongoing home upgrades so that we continue to be radically hospitable to all pastors and families that live there now and in the future.

…expand Margaret Brightbill’s staff role as part-time Kitchen Coordinator into a full-time Director of Food Service!

…maintain the heating and cooling systems at Camp Hill UMC so that sweaty Upward players and chilly bridge players alike can share in fellowship and mission.

youth baptism

Our vision statement joyfully proclaims that we are committed to reaching significantly more young adults as disciples of Jesus Christ. We celebrate the growth we’ve seen in youth ministry, sending 35 students to the Zeteo Conference this year. We have witnessed more and more middle and high school students growing as disciples who are rooted in Jesus, relating with each other, and reaching into the world. We believe God desires the same intentional engagement with young adults who have graduated from youth ministry and are seeking out ways to live a full, purposeful life in relationship with Jesus and the church.


for engaging more youth in a path of growth as disciples of Jesus Christ…

and for engaging more young adult college students, young professionals, and young families in relationship with Jesus and the church…


…expand the full-time position of Director of Student Ministries to include ministry with college students!

…hire a full-time Director of Young Adult and Small Group Ministries to engage with young people beyond college students, as well as people of all ages who desire a small group experience of doing life and growing in faith together.

…fund positions for young adult interns to assist in expanding small group young adult ministry work onto a bigger scale with fellowship, missional gatherings, and consistent & clear communication.

…upgrade the Potter’s House to provide a little more office and meeting space for staff and small groups with all of these expanded ministries!

stop hunger now

We celebrate that Camp Hill UMC has a natural attraction – that the Spirit of God is alive here, and it draws people in. But, we also realize that thousands of people in this community will never step through the doors of this church – or any church – because of wounds, fears, and disinterest in this post-Christendom world we share. So, we are excited to dedicate ourselves and our resources in a new season of ministry that intentionally seeks to meet people outside of these walls where they are – like Jesus did. Like Jesus, we hope to engage others with new opportunities for exploration of the scripture, prayer, worship, and hands-on mission in our mission fields of Camp Hill, Harrisburg, and Panguma.


for empowering more people to be sent out in mission, focused on actively and relationally proclaiming Jesus’ love…


…install new technology to allow for livestreaming on the web and broadcasting between worship services.

…double the hours of our Director of Communications so that the message of Christ’s embrace can be shared with an even wider community.

…fund the creation of at least six new Fresh Expressions worshipping communities outside the walls of Camp Hill UMC. We will begin with reaching out to our Upward families!

*Not sure what a Fresh Expression is? Check out freshexpressionsus.org.

…support Emily Bingham’s missionary post to college students with the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) and Hannah Bingham’s missionary post to youth & young adults with Youth With a Mission (YWAM).

…support the Bishop’s Partners in Mission campaign to pay down Mission Central’s debt and support ImagineNoMalaria.

…fund our next two Stop Hunger Now events.

…expand our capacity to assist the emergency needs of local community members, and be ready to fund emerging ministries.

…support staff that are on the ground in mission every day in Panguma, Sierra Leone, give toward the life-saving ministry of the Panguma Hospital, and be prepared to fund emerging partnerships like the creation of a new marketplace in Panguma and scholarship assistance to send students to Africa University!

…fund and expand hands-on ministry and partnerships in our mission field of Harrisburg with Bethesda Mission, Downtown Daily Bread, Helping Hands Harrisburg, the Ecumenical Food Pantry, the Neighborhood Center, Christian Churches United, our Uniform Ministry in the Harrisburg schools, Ministerio del Pan, AMiracle4Sure, and more!

…fund and expand hands-on ministry and partnerships in our mission field of Camp Hill with Salt ‘n Light Youth Ministry, the Churches Affiliated Child Care Centers (CACCC), New Hope Ministries, Family Promise, Capital Area Pregnancy, the PowerPac Program, the United Methodist Children’s Home, and more!



You might feel ready to give right here and now. That’s great! But most of us will need time to think and process through where we are and what God will want us to do next. Spend time to pray about this each day this month.

• Does the amount I am contributing require me to trust God?

• Does the amount I am contributing represent a genuine sacrifice for God?

• Does the amount I am contributing accurately express my level of thanks for the ways Christ and His church have blessed my family?


Consider what next giving step you’re going to take. There is no one-size-fits-all formula. This isn’t something set in stone, but it will help us plan and be strategic about what we are able to achieve together for God’s purposes.


This is a very personal journey for everyone involved. One person might make a million-dollar gift without changing their lifestyle, while another will give $100 and have to radically adjust their spending for the year. Consider what your kickstart offering will be, and give. Pick the method that works for you: in person, online, or through an appreciated asset.