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We want everyone to be able to attend a life group.

What are Life Groups?

Life Groups will meet for one hour each week and focus on accountability and support for discipleship.


 Your Life Group [between 5-7 members] will meet for one hour each week from the week of October 22nd through the week of May 13th at a time of your choosing. These group meetings are confidential. Your Life Group will be a sacred space and the information that is shared will not be shared outside the group.


Your Life Group will be guided by a covenant you write as a group, shaped by 4 general areas of discipleship: acts of worship, acts of devotion, acts of compassion & justice, and acts of fellowship.  This covenant will help each person and the group, as a whole, grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Your Life Group is where each group member will give a weekly account of how they have witnessed Jesus Christ in the world and followed His teachings, guided by the group’s covenant and the Holy Spirit.


Since 1742, Methodists have been practicing discipleship through this small group framework!  Your Life Group members will join this historic, proven and effective way of identifying and nurturing leaders through practicing a balanced and varied discipleship.  We believe this will allow the church more effectively to live out its mission with Christ in the world.

Life Groups are small groups that focus on mutual accountability and support for discipleship.  They are the “method” of Methodism. These groups have their roots firmly planted in the Wesleyan tradition. The roots go even deeper when you consider that John Wesley described Methodism as his attempt to re-tradition “primitive” Christianity. He said, “The soul and the body make a [person], and the spirit and discipline make a Christian.”

Life Groups help Christians to grow in loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and in loving their neighbor as themselves. They are a proven and effective way of forming leaders in discipleship who help the congregation to live out its mission with Christ in the world.

Life Groups form Christ-centered people who help to lead Christ-centered congregations that participate in Christ’s ongoing work of preparing the world for the coming reign of God, on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10; Luke 11:2).

Life Groups Are NOT

Bible Study Groups

Service Groups

Prayer Groups

The dynamic of Life Groups is mutual accountability and support for discipleship. Group members certainly read and study the Bible and serve in the community. But when the group meets, the conversation is focused on discipleship, with the group’s covenant serving as the agenda. Many groups open their weekly meetings by reading a passage of Scripture and with prayer. But Bible reading and prayer are not the primary purpose of the meetings. Likewise, acts of service do not happen during the meetings, although we encourage Life Group members to share in an act of service together at least once beyond the meeting to help establish bonds with each other and the community they are seeking to serve as disciples.  Bible reading, praying, and serving are all more likely to happen, however, in the lives of group membersbecause of the weekly group meeting.



Sandy Zirbel

Director of Adult Spiritual Growth