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Individual Partners

Our commitment to Panguma is only as good as the commitment from our church family and friends. Our success is dependent upon the generosity of others through donations of time, talent and money.


Prayer Partner

God has been the driving force behind this effort since its inception. Please pray for our team that we may not lose sight of His plan and that we remain committed to serving all of God’s people.


Scholarships and School Supplies Partner

Team Panguma conducts a scholarship fund drive prior to the start of each new school year. Please join us in providing quality education for the youth of Panguma.


Hospital and Medical Supplies Partner

Historically, Camp Hill UMC has worked in partnership with Panguma Hospital, supporting the surgical doctor in residence, underwriting operating expenses and providing medical supplies.  The hospital is now being operated under new ownership, and although the needs continue to be great, the community is also taking greater ownership of sustainable health care.  We celebrated this transition, and on our next visit to Panguma, we will be connecting with the hospital to discern together with them the current situation and any needs that have arisen with which we might partner.


As we work together with our siblings in Christ around the globe, we invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a Partner of Team Panguma today.

Sister Churches

When a church chooses to become part of the Sierra Leone Initiative (SLI), the congregation signs a covenant agreement to provide the financial support necessary for pastors to stay in full time ministry to make disciples for Jesus Christ. Funds that covenant churches may be able to send to their partner churches in Sierra Leone are transferred through the Susquehanna Conference office. As a member of the SLI, churches have the opportunity to partner with a United Methodist church in Sierra Leone. As this relationship grows each congregation covenants to pray for and correspond with each other, allowing a personal bond to form between the two churches.



Rev. Dr. Kathleen Kind

Lead Pastor

717-737-5631 x 223
Emergency: 570-295-3880