The Panguma Scholarship Campaign has begun and runs through August 16th. You are so important to the children and teens of Panguma, Sierra Leone! Thank you so much for your prayerful, dedicated, and ongoing support of the educational scholarships provided to our children in Panguma! They are OUR children, and they are counting on all of us. This year marks the 10th Annual Scholarship Campaign! Isn’t that amazing? We owe it all to you! We wish you could see the yearly improvements in the schools, students, and overall community that every travel participant experiences, plus the big smiles on a child’s face, but every scholarship recipient and their parents say thank you! You’ve helped steer the future for each of these beautiful children down a more positive road. We are sincerely hopeful and are praying that you will consider supporting the campaign this year if you are able.

$30,000 GOAL

Our goal is to raise $30,000 by August 16th for the proper education of the children and teens of Panguma, Sierra Leone. New this year, is a generous Challenge Grant of $4,000 from some anonymous friends in the congregation. Meaning that if we can raise $20,000 together, then we will receive the $4,000 bonus! Will you help us meet that challenge today?


• Visit to give online. Choose Panguma Scholarship under the “Fund” drop-down menu, or just type Panguma Scholarship in the memo.

• Mail a check to the church office with Panguma Scholarship in the memo.
417 S. 22nd Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011

• Pray for the children, teens, and teachers of Panguma.


Secondary School – Goal 160 Scholarships

Primary School – Goal 70 Scholarships

Panguma UMC Preschool – Goal 25 Scholarships

Primary and Secondary School Teacher Educational Scholarships
Goal $3,000


“This is a picture of Ansul and his mother. He, very consistently and persistently, came to our porch in the morning with his reluctant smile and request for school fees and supplies. He very much wanted me to meet his mother, and so, one day we went on a walk. We found his mother pounding rice. She very graciously gave me a lesson, while laughing about this ignorant American who buys rice in a store. I was humbled.”


—Chris Wilcox
2019 Panguma Travel Team Member

“This is Christopher Yopoi. He is 14 years old. I met him four years ago on my first trip to Panguma. He was raised in a Muslim home and he could not speak English. He would show up everywhere we traveled and he would just stare at me. He had someone write me a note asking for food and his interest in going to school. I decided to buy his family food. On my second trip, he was on the front line of the welcome committee. I set up a meeting with his parents and asked if I could put him in the UMC school and they agreed. Chris had limited education, he took tutoring class to catch up. He’s been a student for three years. He now speaks English very well and even translates for his parents. Last year he gave his life to Christ and was baptized. I’m very proud of the young man he’s becoming.”


—Marsha Banks
2019 Panguma Travel Team Member

“I met these three Secondary School students during a brick laying ceremony establishing a new building for the school. As our days passed I saw them each day which allowed them the opportunity to tell me about their preferred future. They each hope to attend university in the coming years and to then attend Medical School. Their expressed hope was uplifting to my spirit. ”


—Pastor Gary Weaver
2019 Panguma Travel Team Member



Drew Robeson

Director of Mission & Outreach Ministry