Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music.


Psalm 98:4 (NIV)

October is a month of God’s creative beauty. The church’s music ministry strives to enhance the beauty of worship. The members of the Sanctuary Choir give thanks for the family atmosphere we experience in our rehearsals. Our music ministry offerings are as diverse as our styles of worship. There are ensembles for children through adults with varying musical abilities, and these include both modern and traditional music styles. Music is an integral part of worship, as we praise God and proclaim scriptural truths that enrich our faith journey. We believe the anthems, preludes, and praise songs are not performances but instead, we view them as offerings to God. Our musicians are worship leaders who can lift the heart of every believer. Musical excellence and devotions are also stressed during weekly rehearsals. We invite you to consider joining us in praising God through music. Although the singing choirs aren’t practicing at the moment, the choir community is still delighted to receive newcomers. If you are interested in learning more, visit


Ideas for prayer are shared from the Sanctuary Choir for each day of October. Feel free to add additional prayers that come to your mind and heart for people and situations in our local church, The United Methodist Church, the global church, and the wider world.


Let us pray for….

October 1
Give thanks for the leadership team working with pastors to organize safe in-person worship


October 2
Keith Roden, Director of Sanctuary music


October 3
Susquehanna Annual Conference session


October 4
Mission Central and their 40 hubs in the Northeast Jurisdiction


October 5
Camp Hill UMC’s outreach to Harrisburg


October 6
Nurses, doctors, and first responders who provide medical care to anyone in need


October 7
All those who are receiving medical care


October 8
Farm workers who plow and reap the harvest


October 9
Beauty of fall


October 10
Educators of our children


October 11
Pray for former choir members who are now homebound


October 12
Parents caught between work and children’s education


October 13
Andrew Brisbin, New Life worship leader


October 14
Praise Team and God Squad


October 15
Those serving on the Tech Teams


October 16
Janis Glosenger, Church Organist


October 17
Nancy Reitzel, Director of Children’s Music and Youth Bells


October 18
Christians being persecuted around the world


October 19
Those who serve in the military


October 20
Children’s Choir


October 21
Alex Peffer, Youth Choir Director


October 22
Celebration Ringers and Chancel Bells


October 23
Sanctuary Choir


October 24
Those providing special music


October 25
Writers and composers of music


October 26
Respect for one another


October 27
All who mourn and grieve


October 28
Glorify God in our worship


October 29
Brass ensemble


October 30
Halloween safety


October 31
Upcoming elections