"And as always when we come to scripture, God will speak if we allow ourselves to hear."

–Mary Lou Redding

Advent is a season that means ‘coming.’ It’s the season when, as we do every year, we wait (sometimes not so patiently) for the arrival of Christ—as a child and as a newly coming king that will transform all of creation into the fullness of the kingdom of God. These are awe-inspiring gifts to anticipate, and yet, every year, we struggle to approach the story of Christ’s incarnation as though it has something new to tell us. Perhaps this year, as we allow these prayer suggestions to guide us, our hearts will become the slightest bit more open to experiencing the presence of Christ. Perhaps, our eyes will notice how the kingdom of God is bursting in slowly all around us. And perhaps, our ears will be tuned more closely to the frequency of God’s voice. As we share together the worship series, the Voices of Christmas, may all of our voices and hearts of prayer be joined as one with Christ at the center, as we freshly experience Christ’s coming.

Ideas for prayer are shared from the church leadership for each day of the year. Feel free to add additional prayers that come to your mind and heart for people and situations in our local church, The United Methodist Church, the global church, and the wider world.

Let us pray for….

December 1
Those who lost their homes in the California fires

December 2
Your baptismal vows

December 3
Hannah Jacobs, Camp Hill UMC Intern

December 4
Children receiving gifts through the Angel Tree

December 5
Angel Choir

December 6
Family Promise Volunteers

December 7
Those in the midst of divorce

December 8
Children attending the Family Christmas Event

December 9
Babies being baptized today

December 10
Those who struggle with depression and anxiety

December 11
Unified Leadership Council Members

December 12
Rev. Dr. Jack Grove, Camp Hill UMC’s Minister of New Members

December 13
Those who are lonely

December 14

December 15
The persecuted church

December 16
2019 Confirmation Class

December 17
Camp Hill UMC Missionaries

December 18
A mind of discernment

December 19
Participants in the 55Plus Luncheon

December 20
USPS Employees

December 21
Employees of the Little Black Dress

December 22
Band of Brothers

December 23
The Cambodian Church worshiping at Camp Hill UMC

December 24
All attending Christmas Eve worship

December 25
Those who celebrate alone today

December 26
Openness to the Holy Spirit’s guidance

December 27
Camp Hill UMC Bad Girls

December 28
Self Control

December 29
Kayt Hughes, Camp Hill UMC’s Director of Student Ministries 

December 30
A hunger for studying the gospel

December 31
Susquehanna Harbor Safe Haven