Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)

The Friday Morning Men’s Group has been meeting since 1998 at 6:30 on Friday mornings, with the exception of holidays and weather-related situations. Our fellowship is simple in that all men are invited to join us for us for coffee, Bible study and a brief time of prayer. We promptly end at 7:30 so that those working can get to work on time. A few will gather at the West Shore Restaurant for breakfast afterwards. Over the years we’ve studied many portions of the Bible and most recently have been challenged by the deep faith of King David. Going forward, please feel free to share your prayer requests with us. Over the years we’ve prayed for many individuals and been amazed by the way God has worked in our lives and the lives of others!

Ideas for prayer are shared from The Friday Morning Men’s Group for each day of June. Feel free to add additional prayers that come to your mind and heart for people and situations in our local church, The United Methodist Church, the global church, and the wider world.

Let us pray for….

June 1
For a successful completion of Annual Conference

June 2
Thanksgiving for all those graduating this year

June 3
Individuals seeking employment

June 4
Christians around the world who are experiencing persecution due to their faith

June 5
Those struggling with addictions

June 6
On this anniversary of D-Day, we remember those who gave their lives for our freedom

June 7
For New Hope Ministries

June 8
For a successful wrap up of the Panguma Scholarship Campaign

June 9
For the Holy Spirit to move anew in all hearts on this Day of Pentecost

June 10
For first responders in all our communities

June 11
For wisdom and the Holy Spirit’s leading as the ULC meets tonight

June 12
For those individuals suffering from PTSD

June 13
For those residing at the United Methodist Home for Children

June 14
For our country on this Flag Day

June 15
For wisdom for our federal, state and local officials as they make decisions

June 16
For fathers everywhere to grow in love of the Lord and to model it for their children

June 17
May this week’s Vacation Bible School impact both children and parents

June 18
For generous spirits and outreach to others in need

June 19
For enjoyable family summer vacations

June 20
For the upcoming transition of the Children’s Ministry at CHUM

June 21
That the lessons from this year’s VBS live on in the hearts of the children and parents

June 22
Young couples who are getting married this month

June 23
Unity in our church and across The United Methodist Church

June 24
For many to sign up for the Mexico Mission Trip in November

June 25
For recent graduates as they look for their first full-time positions

June 26
For revival in the Camp Hill United Methodist Church and our communities

June 27
For Wounded Warriors across our country

June 28
For members of CHUM to reflect the love of Jesus in all our daily interactions

June 29
For our souls to be quiet, even in the hecticness of summer activities

June 30
Thankfulness for all those who share their musical talents at CHUM