My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.


John 15:12 (NIV)

Something remarkable can happen when a child starts learning to see themselves the way God sees them. To us, that’s real confidence. This June, we are hosting over 120 children for our first-ever outside Vacation Bible School: Press Play! Our VBS encourages every child to know that because of Jesus, they can
have confidence because … 

They are known. 

They belong. 

They are forgiven. 

They can change. 

They can make a difference. 

Vacation Bible School may only be one week of the year, but we are turning up the volume and Pressing Play all summer long at Sunday School and our Virtual Sunday School lessons. Learn more by visiting


Ideas for prayer for each day of June have been shared by CHUM Children. Feel free to add additional prayers that come to your mind and heart for people and situations in our local church, The United Methodist Church, the global church, and the wider world.


Let us pray for….

June 1
Parents and guardians who are navigating a challenging school year


June 2
Students who are taking final tests for school


June 3
Those ending a tough school year


June 4
Students who are graduating or moving on to a new grade


June 5
Those traveling for vacations 


June 6
Teachers, Staff, and Administrators who are finishing up a challenging school year


June 7
Parents and guardians who now need to find childcare for their children for summer


June 8
The friends we have that make us smile


June 9
Those attending or helping with CACCC Kidz Kamp this summer


June 10
Those attending or helping with summer camps


June 11
Those who are choosing to stay at home this summer


June 12
Those gathering to safely fellowship with others this summer


June 13
The volunteers helping with Vacation Bible School


June 14
The families of children participating in person for VBS


June 15
The families of children participating at home with VBS


June 16
The children without a home church attending our VBS this year


June 17
Our VBS Change for Change partnership with The Neighborhood Center


June 18
All of our VBS families to remember that God gives us the confidence to do big things!


June 19
All of our friends around the world to know they are loved


June 20
Our fathers, father figures, or people who love us like God loves us


June 21
Our neighbors we get to see and those we don’t


June 22
The people who keep us safe in our community and our country


June 23
Those who keep our environment clean and take care of gardens


June 24
The pets and animals that make us happy and show us love


June 25
Those who won’t get to visit families this summer


June 26
Those who work at parks, carnivals, or museums who help us have fun


June 27
The doctors, nurses, and medical professionals who continue to keep us safe


June 28
The custodians and clean up crews who will spend this summer cleaning our schools and parks


June 29
Those who work in restaurants who cook, serve, and clean


June 30
Those who are starting new chapters this summer