Whenever I’m afraid, I put my trust in you.


Psalm 56:3 (CEB)

Children are more than the church of tomorrow; they are a vital part of the church today! The vision of CHUM Children is to grow children’s hearts for God. We want children to experience for themselves who God is, how He sees them, and how much He loves them. We were given prayer as a way to communicate with God directly. Teaching our children to pray helps them to understand that God is always accessible and always there for them.


The children of Camp Hill UMC have listed ideas for prayer for you to consider each day, and we invite you to add your own personal prayers. Every day (except for Saturday Sabbath), someone from Camp Hill UMC will be engaging with you on Facebook Live at 6:30 pm. In our church’s pattern of praying together at dinner time, we invite you to join in these “community” events and to add your prayers to the chorus.


Let us pray for….

June 1
Germs (like COVID-19) to go away


June 2
Teachers who cannot say goodbye to their students


June 3
Grandparents who must social distance from their grandchildren


June 4
 Children who are not in school to celebrate the end of the school year


June 5
Those who are deciding when we can open places up again


June 6
First responders who keep us safe


June 7
Vacation Bible School and all the children who get to hear about Jesus’ Power and Love!


June 8
Jesus’ power to help us do hard things


June 9
Jesus’ power to give us hope


June 10
Jesus’ power to help us be bold


June 11
Jesus’ power to let us live forever


June 12
Jesus’ power to help us be good friends


June 13
Our friends who we can’t see right now


June 14
Our parents or caregivers who take care of us and keep us safe


June 15
To use this time to bring people closer to Jesus


June 16
Those who are staying at home instead of traveling this summer


June 17
Those who work at the grocery store


June 18
Those who are injured to heal quickly


June 19
Kids wearing masks for the first time to remember it keeps us safe and isn’t scary


June 20
Our pets and the animals that bring us joy during this time


June 21
Our fathers and father-like figures


June 22
Those who are grieving


June 23
Those who have cancer or other diseases who can’t get to a doctor because of COVID-19


June 24
Caretakers who continue to comfort and encourage others


June 25
Farmers who work hard to give us food to eat


June 26
Doctors, nurses, and medical professionals who continue to care for the sick


June 27
For all of us to get through this rough and challenging time


June 28
The  people around the world who are all going through this together


June 29
Friends who are moving during this stressful time


June 30
For everybody