Whatever you do, do it from the
heart for the Lord and not for
people. You know that you will
receive an inheritance as a reward.
You serve the Lord Christ.

Colossians 3:23-24 (CEB)

Camp Hill UMC is a church that believes in God as a Trinity—three persons in one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We are a community of ordinary people in the presence of an extraordinary God learning to love as we are loved. In that love, we welcome all to share in the life and ministry of this community of faith. Our welcome knows no boundaries. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and is the primary authority for our faith and practice.  We interpret that scripture together as a community, believing the church to be the body of Christ, an extension of Christ’s life and ministry in the world today. 

Ideas for prayer are shared from The Camp Hill UMC Staff for each day of August. For a full staff list, visit camphillumc.org/staff. Feel free to add additional prayers that come to your mind and heart for people and situations in our local church, The United Methodist Church, the global church, and the wider world.

Let us pray for….

August 1
Pray for safe journeys for those traveling on vacation and to visit friends and family this month

August 2
Children who are fighting life-threatening diseases

August 3
For the Holy Spirit to continue to use the Men’s Bible Study Groups for growth in Christ

August 4
Mexico Mission Trip Participants

August 5
Salt ‘n Light Youth Ministry’s Creative Arts Camp

August 6
People who are struggling with depression

August 7
Our Homebound Folks, who miss their church family

August 8
For Upward Flag Football League Directors, Ryan and Mandy Noss

August 9
Life Group participants

August 10
Pray for our members who reside in nursing homes and those who are home-bound and unable to attend church services

August 11
For individuals, families, churches, communities and countries to do God’s will—as in heaven

August 12
Preschool staff

August 13
Preschool teachers’ summer meeting to kick off for the new school year

August 14
Families who have lost children this year

August 15
Our surrounding Camp Hill community

August 16
Salt ‘n Light day of evaluation and transition

August 17
For students to feel the peace of God as they prepare to head back to school

August 18
Those willing to share the gospel

August 19
55Plus Planning Team, Kitchen Angels, and Attendees

August 20
Jen Stoner, Preschool Director

August 21
Sanctuary Choir as they begin rehearsals for a new choir season

August 22
For Camp Hill UMC families still traveling on vacation

August 23
For any who are facing cancer and treatment for it

August 24
For Trinity UMC retreating at Camp Hill UMC

August 25
Boldness to speak for Christ

August 26
Learn to Play Classes, as they begin, for interested new adult handbell ringers

August 27
Faculty returning to Messiah College for the start of the fall semester

August 28
Wisdom for the Unified Leadership Council

August 29
Yoga Chapel August Session—a Fresh Expression of Worship

August 30
Fall Connection study leaders and participants

August 31
Siblings in Christ in Panguma