Let us not neglect meeting together, as some of you may have a habit, but let us encourage one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching.


Hebrews 10:25

The Bad Girls Bible Study began meeting together over 15 years ago as one of the first mid-week, daytime studies. The makeup of the group has changed over the years, but the purpose has not. We are an intergenerational group of women striving to grow closer to God and each other through Bible study and community outreach.


Ideas for prayer are shared from the Bad Girls for each day of August. Feel free to add additional prayers that come to your mind and heart for people and situations in our local church, The United Methodist Church, the global church, and the wider world.


Let us pray for….

August 1
Harrisburg Neighborhood Center of the UMC, Summer Adventure Program


August 2
John Eckstine, Facilities Manager


August 3
Pastor Jack Grove, New Members Minister


August 4
Wisdom for our scientists and researchers


August 5
Kia McCabe, church custodian


August 6
Sue Moran, Administrative Assistant


August 7
Mission Central postponed Gala Online Auction


August 8
Celebration Hand Bell Choir


August 9
Camp Hill UMC family who cannot access online or inhouse worship


August 10
Students, teachers, and staff as school begins


August 11
Georgia Reisinger, Church Administrator


August 12
Camp Hill UMC Pastoral Team


August 13
Family members in care facilities


August 14
Those putting limits on their lives to care for parents


August 15
Families receiving the harvest from the CHUM Garden


August 16
Upward Football and Cheerleading practices that begin this week


August 17
Families who cannot celebrate joys together because they cannot travel safely


August 18
Study groups that have not been able to meet together physically or virtually


August 19
That God would lay His healing hand over this world and lift us from this dreaded disease COVID-19


August 20
Keith Roden, Director of Sanctuary Music, and his team of musicians


August 21
Families sending children to college


August 22
Andrew Brisbin and the New Life Worship Team


August 23
Brad Gardner, Tech Director


August 24
Les Fortney, Tammy Gardner, and Bill Umberger, Finance Team


August 25
College students and professors embarking on a new year


August 26
Students engaged in activities that may be cancelled


August 27
Leslie Petersheim, Director of Communications


August 28
Healthcare workers who continue to risk their lives daily


August 29
Jen Stoner, Preschool Director, and her staff


August 30
Children and Youth Ministries


August 31
Leaders and Participants of the Fall studies