“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”


1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)

In this season of live streaming, as we experience shelter-in-place orders, we are more aware than ever that our God is not limited by buildings or shelters. We are more aware than ever that God’s presence goes places where we cannot and that God’s life continues to be breathed into relationships and brokenness through prayer. In this season, when we have very few places where we can travel, we invite Camp Hill UMC daily to send prayers to people and places that we cannot currently touch. 


The church leadership has listed ideas for prayer for you to consider each day, and we invite you to add your own personal prayers. Every day (except for Saturday Sabbath), someone from Camp Hill UMC will be engaging with you on Facebook Live at 6:30 pm. In our church’s pattern of praying together at dinner time, we invite you to join in these “community” events and to add your prayers to the chorus.


Let us pray for….

April 1
Medical professionals


April 2
Assisted living caregivers


April 3
Those who are mourning


April 4
Grocery store clerks


April 5
Warehouse workers


April 6
Those who are infected with COVID-19 or are quarantined


April 7
USPS workers


April 8
Delivery drivers


April 9
First responders


April 10
Funeral directors


April 11

Garbage collectors


April 12
Gratitude that Jesus conquered the grave


April 13
Restaurant workers


April 14
Governor Tom Wolf


April 15
Those with anxiety and depression


April 16


April 17
Truck drivers


April 18
Those who have lost their jobs


April 19
God’s Wisdom


April 20
Camp Hill UMC Homebound Members


April 21
Healing for the broken


April 22

Those who are homeless


April 23
Our neighbors


April 24
Those who are most at-risk


April 25
God’s Peace


April 26
Those who are lonely


April 27
Sanitation workers


April 28
Those who are pregnant or about to give birth


April 29


April 30
All government leaders