God Squad

The God Squad is a Christian outreach group that offers hope to those in prisons, rehabilitation centers, and missions. Through the Word of God and music, our mission is to bring healing, restoration, and salvation to those in darkness.


Their music style is designed to appeal to those who perhaps have been unchurched or not attending church for a period of time. The music is a vehicle to open the door for their message. The message is Jesus focused and they preach to look to Jesus for strength to be healed, to overcome addictions and to be restored. He is the way. Each member of the band has an incredible testimony of how God has touched, healed, restored or set them free. In a worldly perspective the band consists of ex-convicts, recovering addicts, and even doctors…but in God’s eyes we are all a new creation in Him.

Upcoming Gigs

October 13th: Teen Challenge

October 27th: Mahanoy State Prison

December 8th: Chester State Prison




Musical Gifts
Opportunities to observe and support the God Squad’s ministry at recovery centers occur from time to time. Participation at prison ministry sites require background checks.

Contact Information

Jill Smith