The Unified Leadership Council will meet next at Camp Hill UMC on October 2nd in Room 118/119 at 6:30pm. All are welcome!

“…desire first and foremost Gods kingdom and Gods righteousness, and all these things will be given to you. 

Matthew 6:33

Meeting Minutes

Members present: Marsha Banks, Rachel Beaver, Brad Fetrow, Dave Mooney, Don Powell, Susan Pigott, Jon Seltenheim and Shannon Zimmerman

Present via phone: Rich Long

Non-voting members present: Gary Weaver, Anna Layman Knox and Georgia Reisinger

The meeting was called to order by Jon Seltenheim at 6:30pm. Don Powell led the group in prayer.

Candles were lit to symbolize the light of the Holy Spirit, which we ask to be with the council during the meeting.

Minutes of the August 14, 2018 meeting were approved by email.

Spiritual Development was led by Jon Seltenheim. He shared a Barna study on discipleship with the group.

Leadership Development was led by Jon Seltenheim. Reflections on the ULC retreat, which was held on September 7th and 8th, were discussed. The retreat started with the council defining what it means to be a disciple. Next, core values of the church were identified. The counsel members then developed S.M.A.R.T. goals which the church staff will use when planning for their areas of ministry in 2019.

Core Values
Preaching and Teaching Scripture
Missions and Service

Goals for Camp Hill UMC 2019

1. Increase participation of new people in outreach missions and internal ministry opportunities by 10%.

2. Develop and implement a path for adult discipleship.

3. Develop and implement a communication plan to maximize congregational understanding.

4. Achieve attendance increase to 600 on average per week.

In response to the motion passed last month to hire an accounting firm to review our financial reporting practices, two accounting firms were interviewed and submitted proposals. Jon Seltenheim summarized the two proposals and led the council in a time of discussion. A motion was made by Dave Mooney to hire Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz to give us an independent review of our accounting procedures to capture the detail we want so we can set up a comprehensive budgeting process with a cost not to exceed $6000. Rich Long seconded the motion and it passed.

Yoga Chapel is a Fresh Expression of the church which is led by Pastor Anna Layman Knox and Kristin Mooney who are Yoga Chapel chaplains. To modify the Yoga Chapel logo, Camp Hill UMC must sign a licensing agreement. Susan Pigott made a motion to accept the Yoga Chapel licensing agreement with the following amendments:

1. Three-year term renewable with written consent of both parties.

2. Agreement cannot be assigned or transferred to any other party without written consent of the other party.

3. Yoga Chapel may retain ownership of the design, but Camp Hill UMC retains use and ownership of its name.

Brad Fetrow seconded the motion and it passed. Dave Mooney abstained from the vote.

The ULC went into executive session to discuss Staff/Parish matters. Georgia Reisinger excused herself from the room for the discussion. 

Security at Camp Hill UMC is the focus of the Congregational Security Task Force who have met several times this calendar year. The council had discussion on how to move forward with this important work. Rich Long will contact firms who analyze the security needs of churches and Pastor Gary Weaver will reach out to churches of a similar size in our conference to gain insight on what they are doing. 

A request was made by Jon Seltenheim for the staff to publish a new summary of where the church stands on the Embrace Initiative, including total funds pledged, total funds received, and major items the money has been spent on.

Motion to close the meeting was made by Marsha Banks and seconded by Rachel Beaver and it passed unanimously.

Jon Seltenheim ended the meeting with prayer.

The first Unified Leadership Council Town Hall Meeting was held Tuesday, September 4th. The purpose of this meeting was to give members of the congregation an opportunity to hear how the ULC is growing into the new simplified structure and to ask questions of the group. It was also a time for sharing of ideas.

Pastor Jack Grove began the meeting with prayer. Jon Seltenheim, chair of the ULC, gave an overview of the monthly meetings (generally held on the second Tuesday of each month) which are open to all members of the church. A list of the planned and anticipated activities and projects between now and the end of this year was reviewed, including:

• Conduct a retreat this weekend to define

• What it means to be a disciple

• Identify the direction for leadership and discipleship development

• Establish ministry goals for the coming year and beyond

• Continue monthly meetings

• Choose an accounting firm to begin a review of our accounting procedures

• Develop a new budgeting process for 2019

• Implement recommendations of the accounting firm e.g., Quickbooks best practices

• Monitor the renovations

• Helping to acclimate our new Lead Pastor

• Learn more and prepare for the Way Forward General Conference in February

• Determine new priorities monthly

This was followed by a time of Q&A. Some topics that were brought up for discussion were: 

• Timely communication of weekly updates

• The status and next steps on the Gathering Space renovations, 

• The timing of mission payments and the status of church finances

• Jim Bateman provided a list of suggestions for the ULC to consider for the future.

 Pastor Gary closed the meeting with prayer.

Members present: Marsha Banks, Brad Fetrow, Rich Long, Dave Mooney, Don Powell, Susan Pigott, Jon Seltenheim and Shannon Zimmerman

Excused: Rachel Beaver

Non-voting members present: Gary Weaver, Anna Layman Knox and Georgia Reisinger

In attendance: Leslie Petersheim, Camp Hill UMC staff member

The meeting was called to order by Jon Seltenheim at 6:30pm. Rich Long led the group in prayer.

Pastor Anna lit candles to symbolize the light of the Holy Spirit, which we ask to be with the council during the meeting.

Minutes of the July 10, 2018 meeting were approved by email.

Spiritual Development on gentleness was led by Rich Long.

Leadership Development was led by Shannon Zimmerman. Her theme was servant leadership.

The finalized leadership covenant was signed by the members of the ULC. The covenant is a written agreement which states the expectations and code of conduct for the Unified Leadership Council.

Camp Hill UMC finances were discussed at length. Jon Seltenheim drafted a summary of the current financial procedures which he reviewed with the council. Camp Hill UMC has always followed Conference directives when reporting financial information. There is no indication of any financial indiscretion, but as our budget has grown and expectations of financial transparency for churches has increased, financial reporting needs to become more formalized. Camp Hill UMC’s finances are complex due to the tracking of various supported ministries and individuals, as well as ongoing projects for the physical plant. After reviewing the summary sheet, the council discussed the option of bringing in an outside accounting firm to review our financial reporting practices and to have them provide recommendations for improvement. Susan Pigott made a motion to hire an accounting firm to conduct a review and make recommendations for financial management and reporting. The motion was seconded by Rich Long and passed unanimously. After the review is complete, the council will determine if an audit is necessary.

A cash flow report was reviewed. There was discussion about the importance of the report and the council will be using a monthly cash flow report as a tool for guiding the finances of the church. 

Brad Fetrow gave a facility report. There are several projects currently underway. These include: asbestos abatement (to be done in December/January), HVAC repair, chimney flue installation and Gathering Space renovation.

Pastor Anna reported on the change in liaison area for three of the ULC members. Rachel Beaver will now work with a Staff Evaluation Process Team. Susan Pigott will work as the Financial Principles Drafter and Dave Mooney will liaise with an Adult Discipleship Reconfiguration Team.

The members of the council were encouraged to read the Commission on a Way Forward Report to the General Conference.

Pastor Anna made a correction to the membership update report adding 43 people who have attended church from a group of people which Camp Hill UMC has been trying to reconnect with.

Jon Seltenheim will host a Christmas Party on December 7th at 6:30pm for ULC members and spouses. The newly elected ULC members will join the current members for an evening of bonding and fellowship.

The retreat for the ULC will be September 7-8 at the Bongiorno Conference Center. The agenda for the retreat will be sent to members before the retreat. The retreat dates for 2019 have been set for July 12-13. 

A report on Panguma was included in the packet for the meeting. Marsha Banks spoke briefly on the report.

The ULC went into executive session to discuss Staff/Parish matters. Several staff related issues were discussed with actions steps required by both pastors. Leslie Petersheim was not present and Georgia Reisinger excused herself from the room for the discussion. 

Jon Seltenheim ended the meeting with prayer.

Members present: Marsha Banks, Rachel Beaver, Dave Mooney, Don Powell, Susan Pigott, Jon Seltenheim and Shannon Zimmerman

Excused: Brad Fetrow, Rich Long; Visiting Coach Present: Kay Kotan

Non-voting members present: Gary Weaver, Anna Layman Knox and Georgia Reisinger

The meeting was called to order by Jon Seltenheim at 6:30pm. Marsha Banks led the group in prayer.

Minutes of the June 19, 2018 meeting were approved by email.

Jon Seltenheim led the group in a scripture reading.

Kay Kotan, Director of Equipping Vital Congregations for the Susquehanna Conference of the UMC, was present to coach the ULC in leadership development. She shared insights about traits of transformational leadership and how the ULC should be focused on the mission of the church. Several topics she covered will be addressed at the ULC retreat in September.

Jon Seltenheim led a discussion of the leadership covenant and will draft a revised version to be included in the packet for the August 14 meeting.

The music scholarship decision was revisited after access to additional paperwork from the Maxwell Endowment Will. Don Powell excused himself for the discussion. Susan Pigott made a motion to award $3000 from the endowment fund to Music Scholarship Applicants as the music ministry team sees fit for the year 2018. Shannon Zimmerman made the second and the motion passed. Discussion was shared about the ULC’s plan, moving forward, to reassess all endowment and budgetary expenditures in light of their role, aligning all spending with the mission and vision of the church. It was decided that no further disbursements would be made from the endowment until further notice from the ULC, following their research on financial alignment with missional goals.

Pastor Gary asked the council to pray for the program staff during their July 16-18 retreat. The retreat will be a time for dreaming, visioning and team building. Beth Jones will be leading the staff in an exploration of spirituality and nature on July 17th. The council made suggestions for things to be discussed at the retreat.

Pastor Anna reported on the Guest Gatherings that are happening after Sunday services. Each week she has had visitors come and meet with her. These conversations have led to visitors getting connected to ministries within the church.

There was a brief discussion about the ULC Retreat on September 7-8 which will be at Bongiorno Conference Center in Carlisle.

Rachel Beaver shared an update on the children’s ministry project.

Kay Kotan ended the meeting with observations on what the ULC is doing well and where it can improve. She plans to come to a meeting in 4 to 6 months to give more insights.

Jon Seltenheim ended the meeting with prayer.

Members present: Marsha Banks, Rachel Beaver, Brad Fetrow, Rich Long, Dave Mooney, Don Powell, Susan Pigott, Jon Seltenheim and Shannon Zimmerman

Non-voting members present: Anna Layman Knox, Gary Weaver and Georgia Reisinger

Congregation Attendees (non-voting): Lonnie and Leslie Petersheim

The meeting was called to order by Jon Seltenheim at 6:30pm. He then offered prayer.

Pastor Anna lit candles to symbolize the light of the Holy Spirit which we ask to be with the council when making decisions.

Meeting dates were confirmed for the remainder of the year. On Tuesday, September 4th at 7pm, there will be a Town Hall Meeting where the congregation can bring their visions for the church and concerns to the members of the Unified Leadership Council. The council will then take the ideas of the congregation to their retreat on September 7-8. The congregation will be able to submit questions and ideas for the council online prior to the Town Hall Meeting. 

Shannon Zimmerman led the group in a time of Spiritual Development with kindness as the topic.

 Susan Pigott led the group in a time of Leadership Development. She stressed the importance of having a vision and how all members of the council are responsible for all aspects of the church’s vision. 

The council worked on the creation of a Leadership Covenant which will be a written agreement unique to this group. It will outline the expectations and code of conduct for ULC members. Jon Seltenheim will take ideas given by the group and draft a covenant to be reviewed at the July 10th meeting.

The council moved to pressing issues of the church. 

1.Signed up to write monthly blog posts. 

2.Approval for a Fall to Spring Young Adult Intern. The intern will be required to contribute to the church blog and share with the church about the projects they are accomplishing. Dave Mooney made the motion to hire a Fall to Spring Young Adult Intern with a salary of $1500. The motion was seconded by Marsha Banks. The motion passed.

3.The music department put three students forward to receive a $1500 scholarship. The Moore Fund, which set up the scholarships, does not have enough to fund all three. There were three options put to the council:

a.Give all three students $1500

b.Give all three students a lesser amount ($500 was suggested)

c.Send the decision back to music ministry team with a set amount of money to disburse at their discretion.

After discussion, Rachel Beaver made a motion to send the decision back to the music ministry team with a cap of $1500 to be disbursed as they see fit. Brad Fetrow seconded the motion. A vote was called and the motion passed. Don Powell excused himself from the discussion. Susan Pigott was asked to create a guiding principle for this scholarship program to give clear guidelines.

4.The Fineview parsonage updates were reviewed. Pastor Gary Weaver expressed his gratitude for the way the house was made ready for him and his wife Cindy. There are a few more small projects that need to be addressed. A list of ongoing maintenance items was also presented to the council.

5.Each council member was assigned a liaison area, to connect with a particular area of responsibility. The entire board is jointly responsible for all areas. The assignments are as follows:

Investment team – Jon Seltenheim

Finance – Susan Pigott

Facilities – Brad Fetrow

Nominations & Leadership Development – Don Powell

Mission & Outreach team – Marsha Banks

Welcoming Ministries team – Shannon Zimmerman

Children’s & Student ministries – Rachel Beaver

Adult Discipleship – Dave Mooney

Staff Evaluation Process team – Jon Seltenheim

Health Insurance Task team – Rich Long

All council members were directed to reach out to the church staff and lay people that work in their area of responsibility.

Jon Seltenheim asked if there were any questions from the packet of information that each member was given prior to the meeting. One report that was discussed was the “Sacred Space Renovation Update”. Work will begin soon and will take several weeks to complete. There will be posters to show what the finished space will look like. There was discussion on how to handle the budget for the project. The council made clear that the project must be completed with the budget that was presented and approved at the June 3rd meeting ($77,354).

Jon Seltenheim asked the group if there were any other topics that needed to be put before the council. The following things were discussed:

•Susan Fulginiti will chair the Investment team 

•The ULC minutes posted on the website are being viewed 

•Kay Kotan will attend the July 10th meeting, as a coach for the new ULC

•Pastor Anna reported on the welcoming of guests after services in the Fireside Room

•Lay leaders to annual conference

•There was a request that the ULC have an update on Panguma at the August meeing– scholarship, hospital and marketplace

The meeting was closed by Jon Seltenheim with prayer.

Members present:  Rachel Beaver, Brad Fetrow, Rich Long, Dave Mooney, Don Powell, Susan Pigott, Jon Seltenheim and Shannon Zimmerman

Non-voting members present: Anna Layman Knox and Georgia Reisinger

Congregation Attendees (non-voting):  Lonnie and Leslie Petersheim

The meeting was called to order by Jon Seltenheim at 6pm.  He then offered prayer.

The purpose of the meeting was to determine how to finance the projects that were approved by the Trustees for the 2018 budget.  It is not possible to pay for all three projects from our cash account.  The projects and costs are:

  1. Fineview parsonage $29,000
  2. Children’s ministry Phase II $39,543
  3. Sacred Space Project $77,354

Pastor Anna Layman Knox presented drawings rendered by Lonnie Petersheim that depicted what the Gathering Space and Fireside Room would look like after renovation.  The group took a tour of the space and went over the different ministry areas: welcome /adult ministry desk, mission, and hospitality.  Samples of carpet and counter top were shown. 

The group then looked at cash flow, endowment, and financial reports. They then discussed how the renovations would further the Camp Hill UMC mission of “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”. After a question and answer time, Jon Seltenheim put three proposals to the group:

  1. Do all three projects 
  2. Do parts of the projects and put off some things for next year
  3. Do only the parsonage and children’s ministry area 

After more deliberation, Susan Pigott made a motion to fund the $145,897 of proposed projects using all the funds necessary to complete the project.  Shannon Zimmerman seconded the motion.  The group then went to prayer.  A vote was called for and the motion passed.

The proposed financing would be:

$30,000 of existing funds from the Embrace Initiative

$9,000 bequest from the Howard Beane Estate

$106,897 withdrawn from the endowment fund*

*$50,000 is anticipated to be returned to the endowment fund by January 2019

Respectfully submitted, Georgia Reisinger

The meeting was held on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 6:30pm.

Present were: Pastor Tom Willard, Pastor Anna Layman Knox, Marsha Banks, Rachel Beaver, Brad Fetrow, Rich Long, Dave Mooney, Susan Pigott, Don Powell, Jon Seltenheim, and Shannon Zimmerman.

Congregation present: Galen Kapp & Ann Holler (Minute-taker)

Pastor Tom opened the Unified Leadership Council (referred to as ULC) with a prayer. He then told the council that they will all have a turn at opening the meeting with a prayer moving forward. Pastor Tom asked council who they would like to be prayed for. Pastor Anna asked Shannon to have another prayer for the people who council prayed for.

Pastor Anna shared that from conversations with the ULC, each person expressed a desire to grow in patience. The devotion chosen for their daily reading this year we hope will help us as leaders grow the fruit of the spirit of patience in all of us. She read from the shared council Devotional Book called Sacred Space. June 19th’s devotional will be on kindness. Shannon and Jon also read passages from the book. The vision of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world is the same as the United Methodist vision. The ULC will be sharing in devotional and leadership development in the role as leaders, ensuring that they do not require others to do that which they are unwilling to do themselves.

The Mission Possible book has best practices for the Unified Leadership Structure. Pastor Anna said the Council keeps a bird’s eye view of the church and are the accountability holders. ULC could decide to have a liaison with Barry Iorfido, Les Fortney, Tammy Gardner, and Georgia Reisinger with questions when they submit financial reports. Susan Pigott will lead a leadership development session on Mission Possible for next meeting that will be 10 minutes long. Also, Pastor Anna asked all to read the book by the July meeting.

Role of the ULC member was explained by Pastor Anna which she said the Council is moving away from managing into governing. The primary role of the ULC is to ensure that all decisions align with the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The ULC will intentionally guide the church toward accomplishing God’s goals for it. The Council role is to govern, Pastors’ roles are to lead, Staff roles are to manage, and Members’ roles are to minister (people making new disciples). ULC will work together at their June 19 meeting on developing their leadership covenant. The covenant will be signed by the whole council, and the covenant will be good until December.

Election of Chair and Vice Chair — Pastor Anna shared that the Nominations & Leadership Development Team had recommended that Jon Seltenheim serve as chair. He said yes. Rachel Beaver was asked if she would be the co-chair and she said yes. All agreed to Jon and Rachel be the chair and vice chair.

There were 253 first time guests since April, 2017 which is an average of 4.44 individuals and families per week visiting. Seventy-three of those came back, 46 were welcomed as new members. Only 20 out of the 46 were folks who signed in on the Connection Pads as visitors. Others who joined the membership were mainly people who had been attending for a while and took a long time to go through the membership process. The church is hoping to have 800 people attend service each week: in 2016, number was 572, and in 2017, number was 573. We essentially are breaking even on new members and removals. There is a program that is being done where postcards are sent to people who have not signed in for some time and then phone calls were made to those people. Fifty-four of 286 have signed in since receiving a post card. There was a Meet and Eat on Sunday, April 29 and one guest attended. It will be reformed differently for August. On Sunday, June 10, Pastor Anna will greet guests in the Fireside Room and will continue doing that as a pilot program through the summer. Guests and newer people are welcome to come and visit with Pastor Anna.

Vital signs—The Council looked at statistics we have reported to the conference since January on items such as attendance, benevolent giving, small group participation, and number of new professions of faith. Pastor Tom explained the joint ministry set by the conference. Questions were answered about what Shares of Ministry are. The Church does not have a choice in paying those, and about $150,000 is budgeted for the year 2018, which is based on how much the church spends. Paying down the debt is not included in the spending when Shares of Ministry are calculated by the Conference. For professions of faith, there were 18 in 2016. Dave Mooney asked why we have not had any yet this year. If people return for periods of time but do not become members, there are considered a “prospect.”

CHUM Vision Sheet- Pastor Anna explained that items on the 5-year vision sheet that are check marked have been completed. Items marked ‘p’ are in process. The ULC will work on honing the vision at the September retreat. They are looking for a place to hold the retreat, maybe Mt. Asbury. The ULC retreat will be Friday and Saturday, September 7 and 8, 2018.

The ULC meeting in June will be mainly on the covenant, and the Kay Kotan will be coming to the July meeting. The time will be 6:30 in rooms 117-118.

Former Associate Pastor Jake Waybright began the 5-year vision process, which was used as a foundation for the vision for the Embrace Initiative. The Embrace Initiative runs through April, 2019. The ULC will be assessing the vision at each meeting to discern if it is still the right vision for this season of ministry. The Council went over an Embrace Accomplishments and Continued Dreams document, which listed the accomplishments from April, 2017 to April, 2018. There are still items to be completed through April of 2019. One specific Embrace goal brought up was the Director of Young Adult and Small Group Discipleship. The goal is that once there is money and a person selected, Sandy Zirbel will be move to the Coordinator of Welcoming Ministries.

The Beginning of New Vision- The ULC was given a sheet of notes taken during their conversation with the Nominations and Leadership Development Team when they answered the question – what do you see as challenges facing the church within the next 5 to 10 years. These were offered as a way to, in conversation with the 5-year vision plan from 2014, begin a visioning process that will unfold over the next 2-3 years. Jon had also written some vision ideas down at the May 5, congregational lunch meeting. He agreed to type them and email them out.

Annual Review of the Parsonage – $30,000 has been budgeted and $11,822 has been contracted for installation of a second floor HVAC system. Discussion was held on the costs and bidders and it was decided that:

Honey Do Handyman (John Eckstine) would do the interior ceilings and walls and garage for $5080

Bel Technologies (Barry Iorfido) would do the family room, interior trim, and dining room wall paper for $5,155.

Mark Husler would do the living room, remove carpet, and replace the dining room floor for $5400.

The Honey Do Handyman and Bel Technologies cost would come to $10,235. The total refurbishment of the parsonage approved was $27,457. That is $2,543 under budget. The costs were approved. Pastor Tom would let the contractors know.

The Gathering Space has $72,000 budgeted and presently the cost for the Sacred Space Project is $77,354.00 plus $24,975 for future improvements. The sheet which was handed out at the meeting shows the future improvements highlighted in red. Pastor Anna asked ULC to consider approving the $77,354 as costs will increase because of increases in the price of carpet. The staircase into the sanctuary will be redone as people have a hard time since the railing is at an angle. The Welcome Center desk should be done by Memorial Day, will not be movable, and will have two sides. The side seen when entering the building will be the welcome center and the other side is where Sandy Zirbel will have other information on spiritual growth opportunities. The area where the pallet wall currently stands will be removed. The area will be moved back (like an alcove), and the hospitality coffee and juice tables will be placed there. The timeline from John Eckstine was June for stairs, July for paint, and August for carpet. There is money that can be requested from endowment fund and from Howard Beane’s memorial undesignated contribution of $9,000. The ULC would like to see a floor plan and a cash flow of when the money will be spent. Jon asked if Sunday, June 3 at 6:00 pm for one hour meeting would work to consider just the Gathering Space Sacred Space Team project. Council agreed.

The ULC agreed to invite John Ensign to continue chairing the Investment Team, which meets at least twice a year. Pastor Anna thinks he will be willing to continue. ULC requested that for the Investment Team to continue, they provide these documents to the ULC: a) a monthly investment report from Barry b) A short page report any time the Investment Team meets and is recommending a strategy change c) a report at the beginning of each year (January) based on the ULC’s disbursement policy, stating the amount of funds available for disbursement in the following year for ministry. D) a bound list of the investment portfolio from Morgan Stanley, updated each time the portfolio changes. The ULC approved these recommendations. Pastor Anna said Georgia can get the bound book from Morgan Stanley that was shared at the last investment team meeting for the ULC to peruse.

A discussion was held on who would elect the chair and vice chair in the future. The Nomination and Leadership Development Committee said they could recommend the names that would be gifted for this job based on the information received at the interviews. The ULC felt that the council should elect the chair and vice chair every year, taking into account recommendations given by the Nominations & Leadership Development Team.

Ministry Impact Stories From CHUM – Pastor Tom shared a page of Ministry Impact Stories. Pastor Anna confirmed that these stories would be given to Leslie Petersheim, Director of Communication, for sharing with the congregation. Pastor Anna said that each one of the council members would do a blog posting so that each month a message would be shared from the ULC on social media about their passion for and their impact on ministry. They will be posted by Leslie Petersheim.

Pastor Anna said at the next meeting the Council would discuss ministry teams with which Council members would liaise. The ULC is to pray about their areas of passion and giftedness.

The meeting closed with a prayer by Jon Seltenheim.

Simplified, Accountable Leadership Workshop

Complete Simplified, Accountable Leadership Workshop

Overview of the Simplified, Accountable Leadership Workshop

Unified Leadership Council Model

unified leadership graphic

Lay Leader
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
Trustee Chair
SPRC Liaison to DS
Liaison with Senior Pastor regarding staff

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
Liaise with Finance staff regarding finances and investment team

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
Liaise with kitchen & vision team

Liaise with Director of Student Ministries

Liaise with Director of Children’s Ministries

Liaise with Welcoming Ministries

Liaise with Facilities Team

Liaise with Mission & Outreach Team

Liaise with Worship Team

Document Meeting Minutes
Unable to Vote

Accountable to the Unified Leadership Council
Unable to Vote

Accountable to the Unified Leadership Council
Unable to Vote

Motion to Create Church Unified Leadership Council

Kim Bedford, Marcia Nesbit, Ron Gallagher, Leslie Petersheim, Sabrena Jutzi, Stephen Drachler, and Mark Vickrey. The Rev. Anna Layman Knox and the Rev. Dr. Jack Grove – ex-officio.

After several years of conversation, the work of the SOFT Task Force, and the considerable research and prayer leading to the Embrace Initiative, it is clear Camp Hill United Methodist Church needs a new form of leadership structure.

Looking forward, CHUM needs to replace its 40+member Church Council, Finance Committee, Board of Trustees, and Staff Parish Relations Committee with a single, unified oversight/administrative organization that is streamlined, nimble, and accountable under the provisions of The United Methodist Book of Discipline and the rules of the Susquehanna Annual Conference.

As a matter of background, the Unified Structure Task Force consulted with several United Methodist congregations in our region that have adopted an alternative, simplified governance structure, attended a seminar on alternative structures hosted by the Susquehanna Annual Conference, and has researched other, simplified, and accountable forms of congregational leadership inside and outside of The United Methodist Church. The task force was directed to come forward with a proposal for consideration by the Church Council for implementation in early 2018.

The task force recommends creation of a nine-member Camp Hill United Methodist Church Unified Leadership Council to replace the Church Council, Finance Committee, Board of Trustees, and Staff Parish Relations Committee as one governing body. This is possible under Paragraph 247.2 of The United Methodist Book of Discipline, that provides for alternative organizational structures for congregations. This proposal aligns with the alternative structure allowed by the Susquehanna Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Members shall be elected by classes by the Camp Hill United Methodist Church Charge Conference. In the initial election, three members shall be elected for a three-year term; three members for a two-year term; and three members for a one-year term. This will ensure that, moving forward, there will be staggered terms of members of the Council.

The chairperson of the Council shall be elected annually by the Charge Conference. (Para 251.3. United Methodist Book of Discipline.)

Members may serve up to six years on the Council, after which, they must have a break of at least two years before being considered for election to the Council.

Full-time and part-time staff of Camp Hill United Methodist Church are not eligible to serve on the Council. This is to avoid conflicts-of-interest with the Council’s role as the Staff Parish Relations Committee of the church.

The Lead Pastor and the Lead Associate Pastor are ex-officio members of the Council, with voice, but not vote.

The Nominations and Leadership Development Committee (Para 258.1. Book of Discipline.) shall identify persons with the appropriate spiritual gifts to serve as members of the Unified Leadership Council, and submit them for election by the Charge Conference. The Committee shall keep in mind the rich diversity of Camp Hill United Methodist Church, including generational considerations (especially young adult and youth), and gender and racial-ethnic factors when identifying and nominating candidates for the Council. It shall also seek to include a mix of persons involved in the Celebration Worship, and New Life Worship. Nominations shall be in the form of classes. In the first year, there shall be one class of three members serving a three-year term; a class of three members serving a two-year term; and, a class of three members serving a one-year term. This pattern shall continue until there are three classes of Council members serving staggered three-year terms.

Vacancies created by resignation or other reason shall be filled by election of the Council upon nomination of person(s) by the Nominations and Leadership Development Committee. The vacancy shall be filled until the next annual Charge Conference election. A member elected through this process may be considered for election by the Charge Conference to fill the remainder of the term of the person that had previously served. The six-year term limit begins upon election to fill the vacancy.

The Unified Leadership Council may create various short-and-long-term teams to complete tasks and assist the Council. Examples could be a stewardship team to develop plans to promote effective Christian stewardship and the recognition of individuals’ spiritual gifts within the congregation, or a facilities team to assist in evaluating, and planning the continued maintenance and updating of church facilities. These teams shall report directly to the Unified Leadership Council, and may include persons who are members of CHUM, or other persons that have specialized expertise that is needed by the congregation. Reports from the various teams shall be included in the minutes of the Unified Leadership Council.

It is expected the Unified Leadership Council will meet at least monthly. The Council shall set a schedule of meetings for each calendar year and publicize the schedule through various Camp Hill United Methodist Church communications media. Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson and/or the Lead Pastor. All meetings shall be open to the public. Portions of meetings related to Staff Parish Relations Committee functions (Para. 258.2 Book of Discipline) and specific matters related to legal proceedings may be closed to the public upon a majority vote by members of the Council.

Members of the Unified Leadership Council shall serve as Camp Hill United Methodist Church’s lay members to the Susquehanna Annual Conference. They shall be elected by a vote of the Charge Conference after the election of Council members takes place. (Para. 249.5 Book of Discipline.) Alternate members to the Annual Conference do not have to be members of the Council.

After approval of the Camp Hill UMC Church Council, this motion, proposing to create the Unified Church Council, shall be presented to the Harrisburg District Superintendent of Susquehanna Conference of The United Methodist Church for approval, pursuant to guidelines set by the Bishop and the Cabinet.

Upon approval by the Camp Hill United Methodist Church Council, the discernment process to identify potential members of the new Unified Leadership Council will begin in January 2018. This process will be conducted by the Nominations and Leadership Development Committee in consultation with the Unified Structure Task Force. This timeline may be adjusted by the Unified Structure Task Force.

  • Jan. 24, 2018 – 7 p.m., question-and-answer forum on the proposed new structure with Kay Kotan, director of Congregational Development for the Susquehanna Conference. This is also the first day that names may be submitted to the Nominations and Leadership Development Committee for consideration for nomination to the Unified Leadership Council.
  • Feb. 22 – 7 p.m. Second Town Hall Informational Meeting
  • March 11 – After the end of worship, Third Town Hall Informational Meeting. This is the deadline for submitting names to the Nominations and Leadership Development Committee.
  • April 3 – 7 p.m. Nominations and Leadership Development Committee meets to make final recommendations of nominees for the Unified Leadership Council.
  • April 22 – Meet and Greet with the nominees for the Unified Leadership Council between worship services and after the 11 a.m. service.
  • April 26 – 6 p.m. Celebration of Past CHUM leaders. 7 p.m. Final meeting of the Church Council for a special called Charge Conference to elected the members of the Unified Leadership Council and Lay Members to the annual conference.
  • April 29 – Members of Unified Leadership Council are introduced and commissioned during worship.
  • May (day to be determined) – First meeting of the Unified Leadership Council.
  • Sept. 7-8 – Unified Leadership Council Planning Retreat. (Tentative date)

This proposal is effective upon approval by the Church Council.

Respectfully submitted,

December 14, 2017

Unified Structure Task Force

  • Page 2. Line 17. Defining eligibility for membership on the Unified Leadership Council. Persons who are paid staff members at Camp Hill United Methodist Church are not eligible to serve on the Council. The original language did not differentiate between paid and unpaid volunteer staff. Neither paid nor unpaid staff are eligible to serve to avoid conflicts-of-interest.  Likewise, immediate family members of both paid and unpaid staff are not eligible to serve, also to avoid conflicts-of-interest.
  • Page 3. Line 40. Annual Election of a Chairperson. This requires the Unified Leadership Council to annually elect a chairperson at its first meeting of the year. It also designates the chairperson as the liaison to the District Superintendent for Staff-Parish Relations matters, and as the chair of the Trustees for issues that would come under Trustees. The Unified Leadership Council acts as the Board of Trustees for the church.

Church Council unanimously approved the amendments to the Unified Leadership Council Motion on January 18, 2018.

Role of Unified Leadership Council/Members

Out of several years of prayer, study, the work of the SOFT task force and the 2017 Embrace Initiative, the leadership of Camp Hill United Methodist Church discerned that the congregation needs to move to a new form of biblically-focused, streamlined, and accountable model of church leadership. Beginning in mid-2018, the nine-member Unified Leadership Council will have the responsibility for shepherding and managing the affairs of the church.

The role of the Unified Leadership Council is to provide spiritual oversight, direction and leadership to the congregation. Specifically, it:

  • Sets the vision through a strategic planning process.
  • Creates and monitors church policies and procedures.
  • Provides accountability for pastors.
  • Has responsibility for the stewardship of the financial and property resources of the church.
  • Serves as a liaison for staff and a sounding board for all who are involved in the ministries of the congregation, listening to concerns and considering suggestions.

Collectively, the Unified Leadership Council, through its members, sets an example of Christian service, stewardship, and accountability. Individually, its members commit to:

  • Praying regularly and studying scripture to discern God’s direction for one’s life.
  • Preparing for, and attending monthly Leadership Council meetings. Some months may involve more than one meeting. Time commitment should range from six to 10 hours monthly.
  • Spending the time needed to learn about his/her assigned work areas, and keep up with developments in those areas.
  • Building relationships with staff in assigned work areas.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest by disclosing any potential areas of conflict.
  • Supporting the decisions of the Leadership Council once they are made.
  • Regularly attending worship, participating in mission outreach ministries, and sharing in spiritual growth opportunities.
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality with personnel and pastoral concerns.
  • Supporting the church with one’s financial resources, building towards tithing.

The United Methodist Book of Discipline requires that members of the Unified Leadership Council be members of Camp Hill United Methodist Church. Camp Hill UMC is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse blend of leaders, including a range of ages, gender, and ethnic identity.

For more information, contact, The Rev. Anna Layman Knox, Lead Associate Pastor, at, or 717-737-5631 x224.