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We’re turning up the volume at Vacation Bible School to remind each kid that they can have confidence because of Jesus. When kids begin to see themselves the same way that Jesus sees them, then real confidence begins to take root and grow. Start here for our Virtual Experience!

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Every year, we partner with an organization or charity to raise money through our program Change for Change. This year, we will partner with the Neighborhood Center of the United Methodist Church, located in Harrisburg. This is a center where families can access child care, educational opportunities, and other social, leadership, and recreational services for children and families. Learn more here:


Our goal is to raise $1,500 for Neighborhood Center, and on Friday night (starting around 8:00 pm), when we reach our goal, we will have our Finale Celebration!!! Whether you are participating in person or online, we would love for your family to come to Camp Hill UMC and join us. Please bring a blanket, lawn chairs, or watch from your cars as we celebrate in the courtyard.


There are three main ways to give: online at (add VBS to the memo line), bring your coins each day to VBS, or bring all your coins to the VBS Finale!


“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”
JOHN 15:12, NIV



We are a Safe Sanctuaries Church. This designation is given to a church that is intentionally committed to providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment where students can grow in their faith and fulfill the mission of Camp Hill UMC, which is to become a disciple of Jesus for the transformation of the world. As such, we have adopted a high minimum standard for our ministry to better ensure that students will not be physically, emotionally or sexually abused while in our care. Click here for our Safe Sanctuaries Policy.


What time should I drop off my kids?
Between 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Where do I drop my kids off?
By the steps in front of our church by our Registration/Drop off station (which will be well marked)

Can parents get out of the car?
Yes, parents should park anywhere in our parking lot and walk their child up to the check in station and follow the staff member to lead you to your child’s crew.

Should the parents wear masks even if they are vaccinated?
We will be following CDC guidelines for large group gatherings, which at this time, requires everyone wear a mask if you are over the age of 2 years old.

What door do I go in?
The only time we will have VBS indoors this year is for bad weather. If we have a rainy night and we have contacted you that we are moving indoors for the night, you can go in the front doors of the church which will again be well marked.

Do I need to sign in?
You will need to check your child in every night at our check in/registration table. 

How many kids are in a small group?
Elementary and Preschool will have 10-15 children per group

How are the kids divided into groups? (age, grade)
We have children divided by Preschool and Elementary and then with similar ages. If two siblings are close in ages (2-3 years apart), they will be grouped together since they are in the same COVID bubble and can sit beside each other. 

Are the volunteers background checked? Vaccinated?
The Volunteers all have background checks. We cannot require vaccinations of our volunteers by law. 

My child can’t wear a mask because of a medical condition, can they still come?
Please provide our church with a doctor’s note saying your child cannot wear a mask for medical reasons before Monday, June 7th.

Is there a special event on the last day that parents should attend?
We will have a big VBS finale for the kids the final night and we will send out that information closer to VBS. If your family chooses to participate at home, you are invited to join us for the finale either in your cars in the parking lot or spread out nearby.

Can I pick my child up early?
We prefer that your child stays for the entire night but if there is an emergency or you need to pick them up earlier, please let us know either at arrival or preferably the day before.

What happens at VBS and what type of activities will my kids do?
VBS is a time for community kids to come together to worship God, play games, make crafts, and learn how they can be disciples for Christ. Our church volunteers will support your children’s Christian Development and promote discovery of how God is working in your child’s life.

Will it be inside or outside? What happens if it rains?
On our registration page, you will mark off whether you would prefer to have your child attend inside or if you would prefer to have your children participate from home. That correspondence will come to you the morning of that day. For families wishing to have their children participate at home, we will provide you with the crafts and supplies you need either the night before if we know the forecast is not positive for the following night or you can pick up your items the next day. We will post videos for all online content each day, so at home families can participate at their convenience rather than needing to wait until 6:00 pm.

What is the daily schedule?
Your child will start in our courtyard with opening worship through dancing, learning our bible theme for the night, and hearing our bible story, then your child will rotate with their crew through the stations (crafts, games, bible time/small group discussion), and then they will return back to the courtyard for closing worship through dancing, reviewing what they learned that night, and praying.  

Will it be one large group or small groups? How will you social distance 100+ kids?
Opening and Closing times are the only times everyone will be together while the rest of the time, crews move from station to station. Elementary crews will have 3-4 crews at one station at a time and Preschool will have 1-2 crews at a station at a time. We will continue to follow CDC Guidelines of safely spacing out all of the children to make sure we meet safety requirements. Each station as well as opening and closing will be marked out with proper distances for kids and adults to sit and be spread out.

Will there be snacks? My child has an allergy. Will there be alternative snacks?
We will have prepackaged snacks for each child for COVID safety that will be passed out at snack time by the crew leader. On the registration, we have a place for allergies, please mark your child’s allergies so we can provide them with the proper snacks each night.

What should my children wear? (Sneakers, sandals, special shirt?)
Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that your child can run around outside in and they can wear and sit on the ground. We will provide each child with a free VBS shirt night one that they can put on over their shirts and then they can wear it again each VBS night.


When do I pick up the materials for Virtual VBS?
We will provide specific instructions about pick up of materials closer to VBS, however, it will most likely be the afternoon of June 5th or 6th. If that day does not work for you, you can make arrangements to pick up your materials from our church office between June 7th–11th during office hours or at worship on Sunday the 5th or 12th. 

What will the videos look like? One long video or many short videos?
We will post small clips of each section (the bible story, craft, games, etc.) so you can watch them in any order at your convenience. We will release new videos each day of the week!

If I live out of the area will the materials be sent to me?
Yes! Last year, we were able to send materials to kids in other states as well as other countries, so no destination is too far to share God’s love with you!

Is it on Zoom or videos?
The videos will be pre recorded videos post either on YouTube or Facebook. We will provide you with the links and more information about what time videos will be uploaded closer to that week. 

If I have any questions about the activities or am missing materials who do I call?
Contact Katie Knorr, Camp Hill UMC’s Director of Children’s Ministry at

Do I need to submit anything – projects, pictures, videos for Virtual VBS?
You are not required to post anything showing us you are participating however, you are more than happy to share anything with us either by emailing it to Miss Katie at or by posting it on social media and tagging us in it. 


When should volunteers arrive?
Please arrive between 4:45pm –5:00 pm.

Where do I go when I arrive?
Come to the courtyard where we have opening and closing.

Where should I park?
Anywhere in our parking lot, preferably in the top part of the lot beside the church.

Do we do a group huddle before everything starts?
Yes, I will do a quick team huddle starting promptly at 5:00 pm and ending by 5:15-5:20 pm.

Do we buy our own supplies? If so, can I be reimbursed?
Station Leaders are the only ones who need to purchase anything and they are reimbursed by the church from the Vacation Bible School Budget.

Will I be working with someone else?
Yes, each station will have station leaders and helpers and each crew will have at least 2 leaders.

Will I be in my child’s group?
We are happy to put you in a group with your child unless you’d prefer to have them in a different group.

If I have a problem, who do I call?
As much as I’d love to say Ghostbusters, any problems, contact Katie Knorr.

Is there a special way to sign kids in? Sign them out?
We have an online check in system that we will ask for your child’s name at the check in station and then print off a name tag for them to wear with a pick up code that matches one we will hand to you. When you come to the crew spot where your child is sitting, the crew leader may ask to see your matching code before we allow the child to go with you.

Is there training?
There’s not a formal training that goes with volunteering for VBS outside of our Safe Sanctuaries training. I will provide you with information to help make VBS a fun and successful night for you and to help you feel comfortable for the week.

How long is each station? What do I do if I finish early?
Each station will be about 20 minutes long and we have filler games/activities if they finish early.

What do I do if a child takes off their mask?
There will be a designated snack time where children may eat their snacks without their masks, but they will all be spread out at this time. Parents/Guardians are aware we are requiring masks and if a child takes off their mask, simply remind them that they need to keep it on. Most times, that simple reminder will work. If it doesn’t we will have a discussion with the parents/guardians that wearing a mask is a rule for attending, just like it is a rule for school.

Is there a med kit or med station?
Each Crew leader will have a first aid kit available. If there is an extreme medical emergency, have your station leader contact Miss Katie.

If I volunteer for in person VBS do I need to record anything for the virtual VBS? Do I record at home or at the church? When do you need those videos? Are there instructions on how to record those videos?
Miss Katie will record all of the videos with only a few exceptions, and those individuals have already been contacted.

Are we responsible for set up and clean up?
Station Leaders will have their materials gathered for them each day by Katie and they will be responsible for setting up however they would like their materials set up. Crew leaders do not need to set anything up. I do ask that you pick up your chair and place it on the chair rack at the end of the night.

Where are each of the stations located?
All stations will happen outside on Camp Hill property surrounding the church.

What do I need at my station? Table chairs? Equipment? Do I get that or will it be ready when I arrive?
Everything will be at your station for you, you just lay it out however you want.

Do you provide the games/activities? Can we change them?
VBS Curriculums provides game and activity suggestions, however, Station Leaders discuss with Katie what they would like to do.

How many kids will I be in charge of?
As a Crew Leader, you and your helper will be in charge of 10-15 children depending on the age group.

What time will I be done at night?
Pick up for children is between 8:20-8:30, so as soon as your crew is all picked up and you put your chair on the cart, you are free to go. If you are a station leader, you are free to go as soon as you’ve cleaned up from your last group, however, you are more than welcome to stay to enjoy the closing each night.

If there is a difficult child what do I do?
Your priority is to keep the children in your group safe. Station leaders will have walkie talkies that can reach Katie at all times.

Is there a dress code?
We ask parents to use their best judgement, if it’s not appropriate to wear at school, it’s probably not best to wear for VBS and that goes for adults as well. This includes clothing that is too small/short as well as anything with foul language or inappropriate gestures on it. Remember, we will provide you with the VBS t-shirt to wear each night and I can provide those shirts for you before the first night.

What is the daily schedule?
The Daily schedule rotates based on the crews, but the general schedule is: 4:45-5:00- Volunteer arrival, 5:00-5:15- Volunteer Huddle, 5:15-5:30- Prep for arrival of children, 5:30-6:00- Child Drop Off, 6:00-6:25- Opener (includes bible story), 6:30-8:05 Station Rotations, 8:10-8:20 Closer, 8:20-8:30 Child Pick-Up.

Can I let a child go to the bathroom alone?
No, you must take the child inside the Gathering space to use the restroom. You will stay outside the bathroom door and wait for the child to finish. We will have volunteers floating around who can also make sure you are not taking a child to the bathroom alone.

What do I do if it rains? It’s too hot or cold?
I will contact you ahead of time to let you know what the plan is for rain (whether we are moving VBS inside and utilizing different rooms inside the church). Unless it is extreme heat or extreme cold, plan accordingly for hot or cold temps.


Are masks required?
We will be following the CDC’s guidelines for large outdoor gatherings, which at this time requires masks for everyone and social distancing of 3 feet.

Will there be temperature checks like at the schools?
No, we will not be requiring temperature checks. We respectfully ask that you stay safe and stay home if you OR someone you live with OR someone you have been in contact with has or had any of the following symptoms within seven days of your desired church service date: fever of 100.4 or higher (please take yours and your family members’ temperatures the morning of your desired church service date, and if anyone has a 100.4 or greater temperature, please stay home), chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 OR suspects they may have COVID-19 within 14 days from your desired church service date, you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are still under quarantine as directed by your primary care provider.

What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19 in my group? In the larger VBS?
We will follow CDC guidelines for contact tracing just as we would for Sunday worship.

Will all volunteers be vaccinated?
No, because we cannot legally require vaccinations.

Will kids be sharing supplies? (glue sticks, markers…)
Some craft supplies like scissors will be shared (we don’t want kids running around with scissors in their cloth backpacks) but those materials will be cleaned after each use. Other materials like pencils or crayons will be provided for each individual child in their own backpack. Crew leaders will also have extra supplies in case a child’s breaks or gets lost. 

Do all adult volunteers need to be vaccinated?
We cannot legally require vaccinations of anyone.

Will hand sanitizer be available?
Yes, we will provide hand sanitizer for each station as well as each crew leader.

How will we social distance all activities, especially large gatherings?
We have a lot of space to use and will have it all marked out for each child and adult. We are taking the necessary steps in order to make sure we are keeping everyone safe. 

What is the biggest group the kids will be in?
Opening and Closing will have all the children together, but again, all spread out throughout the Courtyard and surrounding areas.

Can I request that my child is in a group with vaccinated leaders?
No, because we cannot legally require vaccinations.

Are the stations being cleaned in between groups?
Yes, cleaning supplies will be provided for each station leader.



Katie Knorr

Director of Children’s Ministry